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Best Impact Sockets: In 2020 [5 Top Picks & Reviews]

The best impact sockets are listed here to narrow down your purchasing decision. Most people step into a dilemma before the list of possibilities online. It happens due to the lack of sufficient information about the product indeed.

The wise task is to educate yourself before you go for the final decision. For that, you need to do some web research.

When you're going to purchase a quality impact socket set, tons of available bad ones may mislead you. Researching relevant products will guide you to its quality part and features.

As time is short, we did it for you guys. Read on, and you'll realize which one is the best fit for your jobs. 

The Best Impact Socket Set Comparisons


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

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TEKTON Impact Socket

Dimensions: 11" x 14.75" x 3.25"
Weight: 13.2 pounds

Stanley 97-126 Impact Socket

Dimensions: 13.98" x 1.38" x 3.94"
Weight: 5.95 pounds

Sunex 2569 Impact Socket

Dimensions: 22.3" x 16.9" x 2.8"
Weight: 5.2 pounds

GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. Model 84935N

Dimensions: 19" x 14.5" x 5"
Weight: 2.2 pounds 

TEKTON Shallow Impact Socket

Dimensions: 3.25" x 19.5" x 2.5"
Weight: 4.4 pounds

5 Best Impact Sockets Reviews

Here's the best impact sockets on the market. See our list of 5 Top picks

1. TEKTON Impact Sockets Review - Model 4888

Best Impact Sockets

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If you are looking for an impact socket set that can loosen even the most stubborn bolts and nuts without stripping them, then the TEKTON set is a perfect choice. TEKTON drive impact socket is a 38-piece set covering a wide variety of sizes. Each of these sizes is fit for different fasteners.

The set includes deep well and shallow sockets. The shallow ones are perfect for general use, while the deep well is ideal for specific use since they go further into the socket. Additionally, the set includes one reducer socket and two extension bars.

The sockets' construction is of high-quality chrome vanadium steel. This material can withstand the rotation effect, making them last for a long time. Besides, this TEKTON impact set meets and exceeds the performance standards set by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

One merit of using this TEKTON drive impact socket set is that they can quickly loosen and remove stuck nuts. Moreover, you can easily set free any rusty suspension and worn-out bolts. Another benefit is that they grip every part of the nuts and bolts, including the corners, flat, and the broadsides. So, the socket will not damage easily, and no chipping will occur to the fastener head.

This set is perfect for impact tools or wrenches. Each socket has permanent laser-engraved size markings that are readable even in low light. These markings are especially helpful when it comes to organizing the sockets for storage and identifying missing pieces.

The set also comes with a customized case to carry around and fit in your toolbox.

One drawback of this product is that the finish tends to scuff up after a while. Nevertheless, this does not affect the use or make it less strong. Other than that, we recommend the TEKTON impact socket set for both home and commercial mechanic use. This set can loosen even the rustiest bolts and nuts without chipping them.


  • The high-quality chrome vanadium steel material
  • The customized case
  • Sturdy construction
  • The sign marking on the kit


  • Long time use tends to scuff up
  • A mediocre design of the case

2. Stanley 97-126 Impact Socket Set

Stanley 97-126 Deep Impact Socket Set

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The Stanley Black and Decker Company is one of the reputable companies for producing quality impact tools. Stanley 97-126 is one of their impact socket collections. This set is inclusive of 11 pieces each, with different sizes. Each size is suitable to fit individual fasteners and wrenches.

Every piece has chrome vanadium steel, and a black powder coat finish. The materials are heat-treated to boost firmness and strength. This construction also increases the durability of every product. The steel material is what makes the socket powerful and prevents it from damaging during the rotation process.

In addition, Stanley's impact socket set reduces 5% contact with the fastener, which means the socket can still grip the fastener well. That also prevents it from wearing off or getting damaged easily by creating enough space. The product is perfect for removing rusty fasteners and reducing any slipping effect that might occur during the process.

The set also has a wall thickness that makes it trouble-free to access even the most limited fasteners. Besides, the product meets the specified performance standards by ANSI. All sockets can fit perfectly on the plastic open storage case that makes it easier to pick one.

Stanley 97-126 impact socket set is sturdy and durable. It might be difficult to read the engraved size markings on the items, but this set is ideal for loosening stuck lug nuts and rusty fasteners. Other than this disadvantage, Stanley 97-126 set will come in handy for those hard-headed screws. We recommend this to any professional or a DIYer who wishes to tighten or remove stubborn bolts and nuts.


  • Well-grippings
  • The chrome vanadium steel material
  • No wearing off


  • The size markings may not clear enough
  • Not so sturdy as earlier

3. Sunex 2569 Drive Master Impact Socket Set

Sunex 2569 Master Socket Set

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For an impact socket that comes in all shapes and dimensions, then the Sunex 2569 is the right choice. The Sunex 2569 master impact set is a 43-piece set inclusive of standard and deep sockets, extensions, and a universal joint. All these items come in uneven sizes and are perfect for high torque applications.

The sockets are manufactured using high-grade chromium-molybdenum steel that makes it easy to handle the torque of impact tools. This material also adds strength and durability to the products. Additionally, the set meets ANSI specifications.

Sunex 2569 sockets have a radius corner design that increases the force on the walls of the fasteners rather than the corners. This increased torque effect reduces the possibility of the fasteners wearing off.

The beveled opening makes it simpler for the fastener to fit quickly in the socket. Moreover, each item has a laser etched marking that is permanent and makes it easier to identify the appropriate size the user needs.

These impact sockets come in a heavy-duty storage case. This container makes transportation to your workplace hassle-free. It also makes it simple to organize the sockets according to their appropriate sizes.

The universal joint in the set is ideal for swivel applications. Also, you can reach any recessed fasteners using the extensions without any difficulties.

Unlike other impact socket sets, the Sunex 2569 comes with many pieces ranging from 9 to 33 mm. One con that you might find is the anti-rust oil - a little bit hard to clean. The smell might also be put off, but it goes away after the regular use of the tools. Other than that, this impact set is pretty good for high torque applications.


  • Radius corner to reduce wearing off
  • Sufficient number of pieces to meet the needs
  • Well-built carrying case
  • Sturdy and durable 


  • Might have face cleaning anti-rust oil
  • May produce bad smell from the oil 

4. GEARWRENCH 84935N Impact Metric Socket Set

GEARWRENCH 84935N Socket Set

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The GEARWENCH 84935 impact socket set is specifically for professional use. But DIY users can also benefit from this product. The sockets are constructed using chrome molybdenum alloy steel that gives them their outstanding strength and longevity.

On top of the CR MO construction material, there is a black phosphate finish. This coat prevents corrosion and rust. With 29 pieces, the individual items are designed with an off corner technology that reduces fastener wearing off effects. The different sizes are best for multiple operations.

There are highly visible laser markings on each socket, which helps to identify quickly and gets easily organized. Moreover, the chamfered entries guide the user on a specific location to fit the fasteners. These wide angles help the fasteners to grip well unto the faster without letting go.

Some of the sockets have a parallel neck down feature that enhances the accessibility to the most restricted fasteners. In terms of standards, the sockets meet the strength specifications of the ASME B107.2.

The set also includes a blow mold case that makes portability easier. There are steel hinges and buckles on the case front and the backside for security during transportation.

From the off corner technology to the chamfered openings, GEARWRENCH 84935N impact socket is ideal for the most demanding applications. We suggest this set for professionals in the automotive and construction industries, among others. It is a heavy-duty impact metric set certainly perform on rusty and limited fasteners.


  • The black phosphates finish coating
  • Provides longevity with strength
  • Off corner technology to reduce etching
  • Visible laser markings
  • Portable 


  • May not lock in place 

5. TEKTON Shallow 4817 - Best Impact Sockets for the Money

TEKTON Shallow Impact Socket

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Are you in search of an impact socket for shallow fastening? We suggest a TEKTON shallow socket. Just like many TEKTON handy tools, this one is certain to loosen even the most stubborn fasteners. You do not have to worry about stripping them as the sockets can do their job perfectly. It reduces the possibility of any damage.

This set has 14 sockets from 11mm to 32mm. Each item is made using chrome vanadium steel that is heat-treated. It has a black phosphate finish just like other impact sockets to prevent the sockets from corrosion.

These shallow sockets are designed to fit and remove nuts and bolts in the shallow and tightest spaces. They can also remove rusty fasteners leaving them without a single chip or damage.

TEKTON drive shallow impact socket meets the ANSI standard quality and performance. Moreover, they are included in a plastic case that can fit every size perfectly, making it easy to carry around. The user can also organize each piece according to the size and shape.

You'll notice permanent laser size markings engraved on each piece. It makes each socket easy to identify during use. You can also sort them out in the case quickly following these sign markings.

On top, the sockets can grip not only the corners but also the broad and flat sides of the bolts and nuts. This perfect grip makes sure that no damage or stripping occurs to the fastener.

TEKTON is a well-known manufacturer for exceptional handy tools. TEKTON drive shallow impact socket is one of its products built to assist and simplify the use of impact wrenches. The sockets also work perfectly for tough suspension jobs. The only disadvantage is the set is not suitable for deeper fasteners. Therefore, you might need to purchase another set of deep impact sockets if necessary. However, this set is perfect for removing the most stubborn lug nuts in shallow places.


  • A shallow socket set
  • No stripping screws
  • Sturdy steel material
  • Well engraved markings
  • Works better with tough jobs 


  • May not be good for all
  • Not suitable for deeper fasteners 


So, you've spent your valuable time here for impact sockets review, and I'm sure many things have been developed now in your socket experience.

In spite, we want to suggest the top pick and best value options from the list on this page.

From the perspective of quality features, performance, and what people experience, we found that the Tekton 4817 is affordable and provides excellent working experience for home use and workshop. But going for this Tekton 4888 will give you some added value, no doubt. Stanley 97-126 may be the second choice, but it will be decent for the beginners.