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Best Lightweight Drill For A Woman: In 2020 [7 Top Picks]

In this article, we're going to review the best lightweight drill for a woman. 

Life is so hard when I work at home or out of the home if nothing comes for my assistance. And as a woman, it becomes harder working barehanded. When it comes to drilling, cordless or corded, high torque drills are also panic for me. Operating heavy-torque drills is a laborious job. So, it's better to go with a lightweight drill so far. 

And that's why our intention ends with some lightweight drills review here. 

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Lightweight Drills Compared


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

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WORKPRO Pink Drill Set

Weight: 4.08 Pounds
Dimensions: 12.2" x 7.5" x 4.5"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.35 Pounds


Weight: 4.1 Pounds
Dimensions: 8.9" x 4" x 7.8"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.1 Pounds

DEWALT 20V Cordless Drill

Weight: 3.64 Pounds
Dimensions: 13.9" x 9.9" x 4.2"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 5.89 Pounds

Apollo DT0773N1 Drill, Pink

Weight: 6.65 Pounds
Dimensions: 10" x 14" x 3"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 6.65 Pounds

Milwaukee 2801-20 bare tool

Weight: 2.5 Pounds
Dimensions: 8.6" x 8.3" x 4.6"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 3.26 Pounds

Bosch Power Drill - PS31-2A

Weight: 4.73 Pounds
Dimensions: 12.8" x 9.8" x 3.9"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.85 Pounds

Nordstrand Pink Drill Set

Weight: 4.2 Pounds
Dimensions: 12.8" x 10.6" x 4.2"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.2 Pounds

7 Best Lightweight Drill For A Woman

See our list of 7 best lightweight drill for a woman

1. WORKPRO Pink - Best Lightweight Drill for a Woman

Best lightweight drill for a woman

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Feel more productive and bring out the femininity in you by using WORKPRO Pink cordless drill. This is the perfect handy tool for drilling metal, plastic, and wood.

The drill can operate for a longer period due to its strong and steady 1.5 AH Lithium-ion battery with 20 volts. You can easily remove the battery and charge it. 

You can adjust the speed to high or low from the two-speed gears located at the top of the tool. The low-speed rate is at 0-400 RPM while high speed is at 0-1500. The merit of these gears is to allow the user to control the speed depending on the type of project they are working on. 

The drill also features a LED light that gives a clearer view in dark areas. There is also an ON/OFF switch for easier operation. 

What makes this tool super-efficient is the torque adjustment chunk featuring 21+1 positions. To avoid fatigue during use, the drill has a soft-grip handle. This also gives you maximum comfort and a tight grasp during use. Additionally, you can retain your bits in position with the 3/8 inches keyless chuck. 

The kit is inclusive of everything in the 11” tool bag that will help you in your work. This bag is made of polyester fabric with a tasty color made specifically for ladies. 

If you are searching for a drill that truly defines you as a woman or a girl, then this WORKPRO Pink Drill is the right choice. Create or repair anything at ease with this kit. 


  • 20 volts lithium-ion battery
  • Allows more control over the tool
  • LED light and ON/OFF switch
  • The Polyester tool bag
  • Quick charging facility 


  • Not recommended for heavy jobs
  • You might miss replacement battery 

2. BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Lightweight Drill/Driver


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Since when Black and Decker began, they have earned lots of trust from many professionals and DIYers. Just like from its name, you can guess that this tool comes with multiple accessories including screwdriver and drill bits. This means that you can work on a variety of jobs at ease with this cordless drill.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery with 20 volts that can hold a charge for almost 18 months. It also delivers a maximum torque enough to go through plastic, wood, and even metal. Thanks to the 24-position clutch, the user can apply the correct torque accurately, hence, avoiding stripping your screws.

The handle is soft to provide maximum comfort and a perfect grip. Moreover, another benefit is that it can operate with the speeds of 650 RPM, which makes it ideal for multiple jobs. The chuck size is 3/8 inches, which simplify bit replacements.

One setback about this brand is that it does not include a drill bag. Although this should not be a problem as it can fit in your toolbox due to its small size.

The BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Cordless Drill/Driver is ideal for starters. It has a smaller body size and low weight, thus best for various applications in and outside the house. Those women who want a handy tool for fixing furniture or any DIY projects, then we suggest you go for this.


  • Lightweight
  • Multiple accessory kits
  • Cordless drill includes a battery
  • 24-position clutch for accuracy
  • The soft-grip handle for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for multi-purpose drilling options 


  • No drill bag included
  • Not for tough jobs 

3. DEWALT DCD771C2 Cordless Drill/Driver

DEWALT DCD771C2 Drill for woman

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Meet a cordless power tool that is lightweight and can fit almost everywhere including tight areas. DEWALT DCD771C2 Cordless Drill is a lithium-ion battery-powered drill for putting things together hassle-free.

It comes with two sets of speeds for a higher speed transmission, which is between 0-450 for low speed and 0-1500 rpm for a higher speed. The0-450rpm is ideal for slow detailed jobs while the other one is good for tasks that need a lot of pressure.

One competitive advantage of this handy tool is the high-quality motor capable of producing power of up to 300 unit watts. This assures that you can finish your project without running out of power.

You do not have to worry about fatigue or achy hands since this brand includes an ergonomic handle for incredible control and comfort. Furthermore, there is a ½ inches single sleeve chuck to fit the bits tightly.

The batteries are two and are easy to remove and charge. They operate with 20 volts, thus lasting for a longer period, which limits the chances of recharging it several times in a day. Besides, it takes about an hour or two to have the battery fully charged.

One con that might be a turn off to some users is the plastic chuck.

Otherwise, this cordless DEWALT drill is efficient and comfortable to use. The high-performance motor, light size, twin batteries, and ergonomic handles are why we recommend this.


  • Powerful motor
  • Handy drill even for tight space
  • Two-speed sets
  • Ergonomic handle for better control
  • Includes Dewalt tool bag 


  • Battery life is short and pricey
  • Cheap chuck system
  • Not compatible with hardwood 

4. Apollo Tools DT0773N1 Household Drill Kit

Apollo DT0773N1 Household Tool Kit

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While you might see this color for ladies, this toolset serves another special purpose to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This Apollo set is just the right choice for your home repair projects.

The screwdriver in this set is cordless with a rechargeable 4.8V battery. It takes about 4 to 5 hours for the battery to be fully charged. This drill can easily loosen and tighten screws quickly due to its forward and backward mechanism.

Additionally, there are 20 bits included with this screwdriver. You can remove and put in another bit in seconds.

The product has a Chrome plating finish for durable and anti-rust benefits. It also has an easy-grip design to provide the highest comfort to the user.

Though it is a set with several apparatus, the drill comes with its manual. You can check out proper charging details, fitting bits, and safety measures among other info.

The drill fits in its compartment in the tool bag, which is inclusive of other DIY or household tools. So you not only benefit from the screwdriver, but you also get a whole bunch of useful products for most projects.

Whether you want to hang a picture on the wall or fix your garden, the Apollo tools kit is the right solution for your household repairs. It will make a perfect gift for any lady who likes to fasten screws and do things for herself in her home.


  • Lightweight drill
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • The forward and backward drilling option
  • Permits quick removal
  • Chrome plating finish
  • Toolbag included 


  • Ideal for working on too light jobs only
  • It takes a long time to get fully charged 

5. Milwaukee 2801-20 M18 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver

Milwaukee 2801-20 Cordless Drill

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Milwaukee is reputable for its high-quality power tools. This Milwaukee drill has a compact size that provides proper grip and control.  

The screwdriver is inclusive of REDLINKTM batteries and electronics plus a built brushless motor that results in longer battery life. Thus, it runs two times than normal brushed motors, which also means fewer charging trips.

It has a REDLINK intelligence that monitors the drills temperature to avoid battery and tool damage. This intelligence also protects the tool from abusive operations.

Another advantage is that it can fit tight spaces due to its compact size, which is also a reason for outstanding control. The tool also comes with two-speed rates of 0-450 and 0-1800 RPM. The first option is for steady and projects that require accuracy. The second is for difficult tasks or those that require lots of effort.

The gear case and the chuck are of metal, which can withstand corrosion thus increasing the drill’s durability. Also, it operates with 500 in-lbs torque.

We suggest this Milwaukee Compact Driver due to its compact design that provides excellent control. Its battery is also another good reason since you can operate the tool for an extended period with a few trips to charge.


  • The compact and perfect drill
  • Durable and allows enhanced control over it
  • REDLINKtm battery 
  • Brushless motor with a powerful impact
  • Corrosion-free metal chuck 


  • Stops working on heavy jobs
  • At heavy pressure gets overheated 

6. Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill Set

Bosch Drill - PS31-2A with Soft Carrying Bag

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The Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill Set is one of the light compact-sized models in the market. It is the ideal power tool for women who wish to deal with dark and tight areas.

You can engage your operations with precise and maximum comfort due to not only the small size but also the soft grip. Besides, it boasts two-speed levels of 0-350 and the top rate of 1300 RPM and a 265 in-lb torque power. Regulate the speed from the button below the fuel gauge.

The PS31-2A also includes 20+1 clutch settings for the user to make accurate adjustments during drilling. To enhance its durability, the driver has a Durashield construction, which can withstand drops of certain heights.

In terms of battery life, the set includes two 12V lithium-ion batteries, which are easy to change.  The short-head size enables the tool to reach into tight sizes. Furthermore, the LED light included lights up darker areas that you might be working on.

However, one disadvantage is the plastic chuck. But other than that, reach those hard-to-get areas with this Bosch PS31-2A drill. We advise this driver if you want one that operates continuously without stopping, has an LED light and is comfortable to use.


  • Light and compact model
  • A speed regulator
  • Durable
  • Lithium-ion battery for maximum lifetime
  • LED light 


  • A bit pricey compared to similar product
  • Plastic chuck

7. Nordstrand Pink Cordless Drill Set for a Women

Nordstrand Cordless Drill

Click Here To Check Latest Price

This is a modern and small-sized drill specially made for women to simplify their home use. They can use it in a variety of materials be it drilling wood or driving a screw-in metal.

The drill is inclusive of the most commonly used drill and screw bits. At the same time, it has a 12V lithium-ion battery that takes only a few hours to charge. The charge life can last over 30 minutes.

You can adjust the power or speed using the 18 torque settings to fit your conditions. Moreover, there is a front light to light up low-light areas. Once you are set to go to or have finished your work, put the drill in its carry case.

The battery does not last for long but this makes a good gift for a beginner or a DIY woman to be precise. It has a slim chassis suitable for women with smaller hands and also for easier grip

We recommend this Nordstrand pink drill for the simplest home use, whether you want to fix or build furniture or repair a doorknob. It is also super light and its color makes it easy to point out among other tools especially if you lend it to someone.


  • Small and compact size drill
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Nice slim design
  • Easy and comfort grip 


  • Perform better with simple jobs only
  • Lithium-ion battery but lasts for not long time 

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Best Drill For Ice Auger: In 2020 – [5 Top Picks]

The best drill for ice auger is a must-have tool when you are planning to go ice fishing this winter. In fact, power drills will help you save your time and energy, and you'll get real enjoyment ice fishing then. Not only does it, but the best ice auger for the cordless drill is also an efficient tool and getting popularity day by day. 

Many ice fishermen break the ice with the hand auger, maybe it's because of the price range of motorized augers. But it'll be far beyond your enjoyment. 

We've brought to you good news - you can now turn your cordless drill into an electric ice auger to break the ice with no pain at all. 

Let's have a look at the power drills and some augers here to get the idea to use them for ice-breaking. 

In this article, we're going to focus on top 5 power drills and top 4 augers to ensure you are getting them all in one place. 

So, let's get started. 

You can also go for more drills and power tools right here. 

Top Ice Auger And Drills Compared!


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

Click Here to

Milwaukee 2804-20 Drill

Weight: 1 Pound
Dimensions: 5" x 9" x 11"
Power: Cordless
Shipping Weight: 4.5 Pounds

Dewalt DCD996BR 20V Drill

Weight: 4.4 Pounds
Dimensions: 9" x 4" x 10"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 5 Pounds

Ridgid R86116 Drill

Weight: 3.9 Pounds
Dimensions: 8.5" x 8.3" x 3.7"
Power: Battery
Material: Plastic, Metal
Shipping Weight: 3.9 Pounds

Hitachi DS18DGL Compact Drill

Weight: 3.7 Pounds
Dimensions: 8.5" x 3.1" x 8.9"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 8.05 Pounds

Ryobi P1813 One+ Hammer Drill

Weight: 3 Pounds
Dimensions: 8" x 3.4" x 8.2"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 9.15 Pounds

K-Drill IDRL08

Weight: 6.65 Pounds
Dimensions: 43" x 9" x 9"
Material: Plastic
Shipping Weight: 6.65 Pounds

Nils master UR600C auger

Weight: 9 Pounds
Shipping Weight: 9.8 Pounds

Eskimo 35600 8" Ice Auger

Weight: 4 Pounds
Dimensions: 44" x 9" x 9"
Shipping Weight: 4 Pounds

StrikeMaster Drill Unit

Weight: 11 Pounds
Dimensions: 43" x 9" x 9"
Shipping Weight: 11 Pounds

5 Best Drill For Ice Auger & Augers

See our list of 5 best drill for ice auger reviews right here.

1. Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 Hammer Drill

best drill for ice auger

Click Here to Check Latest Price

The Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 Hammer Drill is a power state motor that does not have a brush. Its design is intentional as a means to enable the functioning of the half-inch drill driver for the M18 Fuel. In addition, the approach makes it possible to provide more power than other products in the market.

Moreover, the drill integrates the Red-link plus intelligence technology that maximizes performance while at the same time providing overload protection. Hence, it protects the tool as well as the battery from damage, particularly when using heavy applications. It also provides a means to ensure compatibility preserves throughout the whole M18 system.

Red lithium XC5.0 is another integration of the drill. This is a battery pack that can achieve more than other batteries. Its performance is such that more work per charge is attainable and serves loner than what other products in the market offer. Featuring over 1200 pounds of torque, this drill has more than a 61% rate worth of power.

The metal ratcheting chuck stands the best in class as it manifests a better grip strength and the fact that it does not corrode. However, it has a certain threshold for the battery charge above which it cannot handle.

Additionally, it happens that it heats up so fast, potentially due to the absence of inlet holes for air. This compels the user to pause and give it time to cool down. Despite this limitation, it is the best hammer drill in the market for all your maintenance needs.


  • Compact and lightweight drill
  • LED lighting facility
  • Brushless motor with separated handle; 60% more power
  • Lithium-ion battery pack for extended lifespan
  • Redlink plus intelligence technology 


  • Gets too hot and needs a long time to cool it down.
  • Additional charge for a separate battery 

2. Dewalt DCD996BR Cordless Hammer Drill

Dewalt DCD996BR Cordless Drill

Click Here to Check Latest Price

The Dewalt DCD996BR Cordless Hammer Drill features a high power better than the performance manifested by the existing competitors. It, therefore, displays better efficiency especially for when it comes to the brushless motor. It also delivers more than 57 ore worth of run time, an outcome that outsmarts what manifests in the others having a brushed motor.

Also, the 3-mode LED feature provides lighting amidst the darkness. If the user is working in a confined place, they would also have a light that is many times brighter. It is compatible with and can, therefore, work alongside the XR Lithium-ion batteries. In this interaction, a 33-ore capacity is attained above what is exhibited in the traditional systems.

It has a heavy-duty performance with a ratcheting metal that is nitro-carburized. In addition, the carbide insert enhances the superior bit gripping strength LED spotlight mode that displays a 20-minute shutoff activity. Hence, it is possible to prolong the duration of service regardless of whether you are working in a confined space or darkness.

It includes a 20 volts MAX XR cordless lithium-ion and stands brushless. It offers a 3-speed half-inch and has the hammer drill. Its belt hook, coupled with the 360° side handle, sets it apart from others in the field. These features improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the drill as compared to other drills in the market. While this product will outlast and outwork every other alternative in the market, it is imperative to note that it is not a hammer drill and stands a lot louder than others in the drills market. 


  • Provide better luminescence 
  • Brush less motor ensures longer run time
  • Comes with a built-in LED light
  • A heavy-duty metal ratcheting chuck
  • Three different levels of speed at 600 rpm, 1,250 rpm, and 2,000 RPM
  • Generates more power and better performance 


  • Drill bit walking issues found
  • A bit heavy
  • Gets overheated under load 

3. Ridgid R86116 Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

Ridgid R86116 Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

Click Here to Check Latest Price

This is a remarkable drill featuring a fully adjustable clutch with multiple potent positions. As such, it is possible to fasten the clutch in a bid to produce the specific quantity of torque necessary for the task under consideration. Its motor does not have a brush, an outcome that ensures its performance is faster and that it serves for a prolonged period as compared to others in the market. This quality makes it easy to use on metal, hardwoods and any other masonry work.

LED lighting has also been incorporated in the design that ensures the user has a well-lit work site. This lighting structure gets activated independently at the front of the drill. With an auxiliary handle, the tool is inserted through either direction to ensure that there is utmost control for users using their left as well as their right hands.

Its ergonomic grip is in the form of a rubber coating on the handle. This provides enhanced comfort as well as control in the event that the task performed takes a longer time. More importantly, this drill features a die-cast gearbox meant to ensure that everything is safe. With this tool in hand, therefore, there is no limit to what you can do. As a result, work done with the drill is of the utmost precision.

While the performance due to this tool is beyond reproach, it is imperative to mention that its lightweight nature threatens its durability as it compromises their robustness. This means that while they are built to work well, they are not designed to last and will, therefore, need replacing soon.


  • Adjustable Clutch 
  • LED lighting facility at confined space 
  • Ergonomic handle is a plus
  • Gen5X Ridgid Brushless Motor
  • Overmold rubber-grip
  • Micro clutch settings
  • 3 different modes of operation – drilling, hammer drilling, and screw driving 


  • Should purchase with proper warranty as some users found issue with motor damage after few months.

4. Hitachi DS18DGL Cordless Compact Drill Driver Kit

Hitachi DS18DGL Cordless Compact Drill

Click Here to Check Latest Price

The Hitachi design features a great concept and has itself powered by lithium-ion battery technology. This technology ensures that while the weight is reduced and the power is steady, quality is not compromised. It has a powerful 400 inches or pounds of torque thereby assuring the user vitality to perform even the most challenging of tasks in confined spaces.

Its two-speed gear setting provides optimal speed requirements as far as the task is concerned. It features a 22+1 stage clutch which yields 22 torque settings as well as a drill mode for top-notch accuracy and control. Additionally, an LED lighting system ensures that the workplace is well-illuminated especially darker areas. Also, the half-inches keyless ratcheting chuck allows for quick yet simple bit replacements.

The drill features the half-inch keyless ratcheting chuck, which attains quick and simple bit replacements. Besides, it is very responsive in speed trigger, providing an all-round operation. The completeness of this drill is a couple of 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, an 18 volts 35-minute charger, a double-sided Philips bit and a carrying case so you have your tool and accessories all in one place.

In summary, this product is cordless and has a technology of lithium-ion battery delivering the kind and quantity of power needed in making your work easier. The lithium-ion slide-style batteries provide a slimmer handle. This way, the user has an ergonomic grip on the drill and is thus more comfortable when using it. While it is a well-balanced and comfortable tool, this model’s batteries are not very reliable, especially for extended use.


  • Two speed gear adjustment 
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 400 in-lbs. of torque
  • LED work light for confined spaces
  • Half inch keyless chuck 


  • Issue with the battery charger
  • Inconsistencies of performance 

5. Ryobi P1813 One+ Cordless Hammer Drill

Ryobi P1813 One+ Cordless Drill

Click Here to Check Latest Price

This drilling tool comes with an 18 volts lithium-ion 750-inch pound. It is a hammer drill with no cord. It features a P251 hammer drill and stands a power drill that is adjustable to a maximum of 750 inches worth of pounds in torque at the 24-position clutch.

With this product, therefore, it is possible to tear through multiple distinct materials such as wood, concrete, and even plastic. These can all be achieved using the 3-position speed adjustment knob. The magnetic bit holder has also been integrated into this exceptional design right close to the base of the hammer drill and provides a place to keep the bits and fasteners in a secured state.

This way, replacing bits is possible without having to walk away from the worksite to search in your bag of tools.

Another feature is the P108 battery, which is a 4-amp hour battery that powers the drill. It bears an onboard fuel gauge that serves to inform you of the remaining power. It can serve in extreme temperatures while at the same time functioning in temperatures as low as 14° Fahrenheit enhances its reliability.

It comes with a P117 battery charger that can power 2-amp hour batteries fully in as little as half an hour with the ability to handle other Ryobi batteries of 18 volts. The collective characteristics of this hammer drill make it suitable for heavy-duty jobs. The only limitation in using this tool is the fact that it only works with 110 volts.


  • Cordless and battery operated 
  • A contractor bag is provided to carry the machine, battery charger, drill bit all alone. 
  • The 3-stages speed adjustment knob
  • Bits get fit with secure state
  • The P108 battery 


  • Some users obsessed with the grip of the handle. Otherwise no notable cons 

6. K-Drill IDRL08 Auger

K-Drill IDRL08 Auger

Click Here to Check Latest Price

The K-Drill IDRL08 Auger drill is uniquely lightweight and takes the form of an aluminum shaft alongside lightweight cast-aluminum drive head holds. As such, it can offset chipper blades at the ideal angle through which cutting is achieved. Additionally, this product has an 8-inch ice drill structure that manifests an easy drive interaction.

Unlike most rechargeable drills, it can drill with a half-inch chuck. It features a gas power head taking a clockwise rotation in drilling. There is also the anti-chatter design enabling easy re-opening of the holes. The heat-treated blades for cutting can be interchanged when they have to be re-sharpened. A center tip has been incorporated to regulate the speed with which cutting is achieved.

To achieve a good interaction, the head and blade duo enhances the rate of cutting while ensuring that a limited amount of torque is affected to the operator thus an easy breakthrough. While it features the best auger structure in the market, this product has a limited drilling depth that is measured with the height of the aluminum pen. This is a limit for the handler who might have a different approach.


  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Aluminum shaft provides better torque.
  • Easy to assemble. 


  • Bit pricey. 

7. Nils master UR600C Auger

Nils master UR600C drill auger

Click Here to Check Latest Price

The Nils master features a remarkable assembly with the 6-inch model. It comes with a handle for use without a drill and manifests a detachable blade head. It can fit on a drill with 3/8 inches chuck perfectly and can be used with an 18 volts battery. As such, it can cut through 18 inches of ice in record time single handedly.

With a potential for hooking with the Milwaukee drill, among others, this access is a pacesetter with significant contributions. This combined with the Milwaukee fuel 18-volt hammer drill delivers exceptional results. Its cutting ease is owed to the fact that it stands amazingly sharp so much so that there is no struggle in using it to drill through. The replacement cutter is the only limitation present in this expert design, a modification that will surely upscale what can achieve.

Nonetheless, it is easy to use and does not require any technical training to operate whatsoever. You can attach your drill to it for enhanced efficiency. The fact that it is light in weight makes it easy to handle without getting tired. The grip on the handle is comfortable enough to ensure that the user exercises control on the auger.


  • Drill through ice easily even by hand force.
  • Light weight.
  • Works nicely with Dewalt's and Milwaukee's available models.


  • Need to improve handle assembly system.

8. ESKIMO Pistol Bit Auger

Eskimo 35600 8" Pistol Bit Ice Auger

Check Here to Click Latest Price

The Eskimo pistol bit auger is a representation of expert design and finesse. It is designed to cut through the ice in record time. Besides, it provides maximum results when combined with a half-inch cordless drill that has high torque. To achieve a cut that is not only smooth but also remarkably fast, consider this product as we highly recommend it.

It has a half-inch drill chuck and an 18 volt per 4-amp lithium-ion battery. It is made up of a nylon or polymer flite and is hence, amazingly light in weight. The cutting head of this tool is custom made and thus yields a remarkable performance. Additionally, it has a hexagon-shaped stem shaft of aluminum from the inner side with high strength cutting head made of polymer. It also has a bit-saving top plate and a stabilizer arm at the side, which provides more grips on ice.

The fact that it does not require any batteries, enhances its reliability and ease of use. However, there is a potent challenge when it comes to the center bit. This is absent thereby limiting its ability to keep it from sliding around during drilling.


  • Aluminium shaft with hexagonal stem.
  • Stable handle is provided to grip the auger.
  • Cutting head material is high strength polymer.


  • Center bit absence can make trouble to walk away the bit or slide around. 

9. Strike Master Ice Auger

StrikeMaster 8'' Lazer Drill

Click Here to Check Latest Price

The strike master auger features a unique design, especially because of the double laser blades it has. It is useable with the cordless drill on condition that there is an adapter. Being a steel auger in terms of material, this product is exceptionally effective and efficient. It can fit on the 4 stroke strike lite powerhead.  Moreover, it is powder-coated to reduce ice build-up while using it. Besides, the laser blades are adjustable to accommodate different ice thickness.

Since the strike master shafts are universal, it is imperative to note that they will fit. It cuts through the ice with ease and will definitely deliver and even supersede the results as expected by the user. Remarkably also, is the fact that this accessory can be used on three feet of ice. With this attached to your drilling hammer, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

The main challenge in using this product is that it does not come with a PowerPoint especially the 7-inch version of it. It, however,does not accumulate ice on its surface and will thus fit your drilling hammers perfectly, which is why we recommend it.


  • Double Laser blade for smooth drill.
  • Powder coated shaft eliminates snow build up during work.
  • Works excellent with wide range of ice thickness.


  • Slip away issue is found. 

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Best Corded Drill for Driving Screws: In 2020 [10 Top Picks]

When you are searching online for quality products to possess, we are here to help you find some best corded drill ever. It's a bit tough job to take a buying decision if you are an ignorant buyer. You can trust we are committed to picking the best products on the market. 

In the recent renovation, users are no longer interested in the backdated models so far. It is because of user-friendliness, and people want simple, hassle-free, and helpful tools in hand. That's why the cordless drill is now a day more popular. However, still, there're some good reasons people can't avoid corded drills at all. 

The cordless drill is comfortable, and can assist you anywhere you want to get it fit. But people very frequently turn back to corded drills, because they, sometimes, get bothered dealing with the issues of battery. 

Without any exceptions, in most cases, low-quality batteries become a major issue for the users in the workplace, which, ultimately, allows you to turn back. 

On the other hand, the corded drill can perform super fast and accomplish the job without failure. The more power it can produce to finish any jobs it's assigned. 

Besides, portable drills can perform better with only lightweight jobs. So, it's crucial to have a corded drill to get your heavy-duty jobs done. 

List of Corded Drills Compared


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

Click Here to

DEWALT electric drill

Weight: 6.9 Pounds
Dimensions: 10.2" x 13.1" x 3.2"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 6.9 Pounds

PORTER-CABLE PC600D Drilling Maching

Weight: 4 Pounds
Dimensions: 10.9" x 3.2" x 10.9"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 4.35 Pounds


Weight: 3.31 Pounds
Dimensions: 10.5" x 3." x 10.9"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 3.75 Pounds

SKIL 6335-02 Drill

Weight: 5.0 Pounds
Dimensions: 13.2" x 10" x 3.2"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 5.55 Pounds

Bosch 1006VSR Keyless Chuck Drill

Weight: 4.0 Pounds
Dimensions: 3" x 11" x 9"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 4.37 Pounds

Makita 6302H 6.5A Drill

Weight: 4.8 Pounds
Dimensions: 11.3" x 3" x 8.4"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 5.7 Pounds


Weight: 3.8 Pounds
Dimensions: 10.9" x 13.1" x 4.9"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 8.16 Pounds

Hitachi D13VF EVS Reversible Drill

Weight: 4.6 Pounds
Dimensions: 14.4" x 13.2" x 3.8"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 7.78 Pounds

Ryobi ZRD43K Drill

Weight: 3.6 Pounds
Dimensions: 10.8" x 3.5" x 12.4"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 3.6 Pounds

Genesis GSHD1290 Mud Mixer

Weight: 8.8 Pounds
Dimensions: 13" x 4.1" x 10.6"
Power: corded-electric
Shipping Weight: 9.05 Pounds

10 Best Corded Drill Reviews

See our list of 10 best corded drill reviews right here. 

1. DEWALT DWD210G Electric Drill

DEWALT DWD210G Electric Drill

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Are you looking for an electric drill that suits all your working needs? The DEWALT DWD210G Drill is the perfect tool for your use on both wood and steel applications. The drill has exclusive features that make it stand out among the rest in the market. First, it has a 10-amp motor to increase its drilling performance. 

It also has the 0-250 RPM reversing switch. The drill is useful in improving the performance and regulating drilling speed on different applications like wood, steel, or hole saws. Besides, the drill has a soft handle that provides more grip, and comfort thus reducing fatigue on the user. The two-finger support ensures the user has total control of the tool while using it. 

Also, the 360-degrees lock grip offers a firm grip on the drill. Besides that, the whole drill has metal gear housing. This way, the drill is protected from damage during operation in a construction site. Moreover, the ½ inch key chuck ensures that the drill does not slip during operation. As a result, the durability of the tool is greatly improved by these features. 

In summary, the DEWALT DWD210G Drill is a versatile yet powerful tool. Its features prove it to be light-weight, easy to handle, and diverse in its use. As such, it can be relied on for job-site drilling or any fastening needs. 

One limitation, however, with this drill is its speed. As indicated earlier, this is a powerful drill, and therefore it does not start gradually. However, with time one learns to control the tool for optimal performance. 


  • Excellent drilling performance 
  • Soft & comfort pistol grip ensures better control 
  • Reversing modes of operation 
  • Overload protection presented
  • A strong metal gear housing
  • Light-weight, versatile and powerful drill 


  • Can't speed up gradually
  • Little bit expensive corded drill 

2. PORTER-CABLE PC600D Corded Drill

PORTER-CABLE PC600D Corded Drill

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The PORTER-CABLE PC600D Drill is a speed drill that is suitable for high-performance jobs and requires high drilling speeds. Like heavy torque hammer drill, this PC600D can produce high speed from 6.0-amp motor. The 6.0-amp output is one of its noticeable features. With its high power output, the drill is capable of producing 0-2500 revolutions per minute. Thus, it provides the perfect speed for heavy-duty jobs. 

Besides, it has a 3/8-inch chuck, which is an additional advantage in maintaining speed, precision, and reliability. Also, these features make it possible to use the drill on different applications. 

These features, together with the high torque gear design, provide an opportunity to use the drill on wood, metal, deck buildings, and frame construction. Furthermore, the drill is useful for any other job on a construction site that requires a cordless drill. It also has a variable speed trigger, which allows the user to control the speed while using it in different applications. 

Also, the keyless chuck is useful for bit changes and has a belt-clip for securing the drill. Besides, the drill comes with a lock-on button that is designed to provide control when in use. In order to increase durability, the drill has a metal housing casting that protects it from damage at construction sites.

The long power cable ensures regularity of movement when using it. However, this tool has one demerit; its drill bit gets too hot when used for a long time with a heavy load. It is hence difficult to adjust the chuck when the drill gets hot. 


  • Best for heavy-duty jobs 
  • A highly powerful unit, 6.0-amp output 
  • The variable speed trigger to control the speed 
  • The keyless chuck to change bits
  • The metal housing for extra protection 


  • Some users found the cord is a bit short
  • The bits get hot while being used for long time 



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The BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT Drill is the perfect drill for your home use activities. The drill is a combination of several tools to help you drill, sand, and fasten. As such, it comes with several attachments, each designed for its job. Collectively known as the Matrix Quick Connect System, these components make it a unique drill for home improvement. 

Also, it has a quick connect system, which consists of the impact driver attachment, detail sander, router, trim saw, and jigsaw attachments. These attachments allow the user to switch from one tool to the other when required. Hence, it provides the convenience of moving with several tools in one unit. Moreover, these attachments are powered by a 4.0-amp motor, which ensures the drill performs optimally on its applications. 

One of the most crucial parts is that users can use this BDEDMT drill in confined places. It is because the tool has a unique design, which makes it light-weight and compact to fit in such spaces. Users can efficiently operate it as well as move around with it without causing fatigue. 

Another advantage of using the Black and Decker drill is that it has an 11 position clutch, which gives the user more control over it. The clutch also prevents slipping, stripping, and over driving the screws. This way, the work is done with precision and efficiency. Besides, the 3/8 inch chuck meets the demands of the drill applications.

One disadvantage of the drill is that it uses lithium-ion batteries, which implies an additional cost to the user. 


  • Quick Connect System 
  • The unique design 
  • Light-weight and compact 
  • The 11 position clutch to prevent slippage
  • Precision and efficient
  • A variable speed control system 


  • An additional cost to purchase the battery 
  • Torque output sometimes is not enough for thicker job

4. SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill

SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill

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If you are looking for a drill for your DIY projects, then the SKIL 6335-02 Drill is the perfect tool for you. With a powerful motor, this drill provides the opportunity of working on your projects with speed and efficiency. The SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill has a 7.0-amp that makes it powerful enough to drill through wood, metal, and other applications. 

However, the motor-output is large enough to use on tough applications. Users should note that the drill has a variable speed trigger, which means that the user can control drilling speed. It is the perfect tool for DIY projects as you can regulate the speed of the different applications. An advantage of speed regulation is that it protects your applications from damage. 

Additionally, the SKIL 6335-02 Corded Drill has a ½ inch keyed chuck. Therefore, it provides an opportunity for creating drill holes with a wide diameter. This chuck is also suitable for drilling and cutting, hence, making it the ideal tool. It also has a side assist handle that provides more control when operating the drill. 

Moreover, the two-finger trigger has a lock option that provides more stability when running the drill. Unlike most drills in the market, the SKIL 6335-02 relies on electricity as its power source. The user does not, therefore, incur any extra costs in buying batteries.

However, the side assist handle is not strong enough in providing control. The power output is too large and causes the sides handle to loosen, hence, reducing the control. 


  • The variable speed trigger 
  • Suitable for tough applications 
  • A ½-inch chuck key
  • Powerful motor 
  • Electric drill machine, no battery required 


  • Weak assist handle
  • Seems heavier compared to the same category
  • Issues concern to control 

5. Bosch 1006VSR Keyless Chuck Drill

Bosch 1006VSR Keyless Chuck Drill

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At only 4 pounds, the Bosch 1006VSR drill is the best lightweight drill for your needs. It is carefully designed to ensure that it is not heavy to cause discomfort. Besides, it is powerful enough for drilling different materials. The power to ratio is thus perfect for optimal performance. 

Additionally, the 3/8 inch Jacobs ratcheting keyless chuck ensures that the accessories of the drill are kept in place. This way, there is no slipping and ensures the work is done efficiently. Besides, the drill comes with an improved lock-switch design on the handle to prevent any accidental lock-on. Another advantage of the Bosch 1006VSr drill is that it comes with a specialty tool design for the comfort of the user in mind. 

It has several features that ensure increased, grip, comfort, and stability when working with the tool. First, the handle has a soft grip which gives the user more comfort by ensuring they exercise total control on the tool. In addition, the two oversized two-finger triggers provide more control over the tool, especially when changing the drill speed. 

A notable feature this drill comes with is its 6.3 amp variable speed. It provides 0 to 2600 revolutions per minute. Hence the drill provides the ideal speed for both home and construction site jobs. We noticed a disadvantage in this handy drill as well. It does not have good VSR control, which is limiting its performance, particularly at low speed.

However, it'll not hinder your jobs at home and job sites. Ultimately, you'll win a lightweight, sturdy, and efficient tool for the jobs you need. 


  • Lightweight & compact drill 
  • Two-finger trigger for better control
  • The lock-switch to prevent an accident 
  • Soft gripping for better comfort
  • Affordable and incredibly durable 
  • Efficient and sturdy tool 


  • Lacks VSR control at low speed 
  • Issue with variable speed control

6. Makita 6.5A Electric Drill 

Makita 6302H Electric Drill

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The Makita 6.5A drill is a compact and lightweight drill that is suitable for both heavy-duty jobs and smaller tasks. With a motor of 6.5 Amp output, this powerful tool can drill on metal, wood, and other applications. The drill is compact and weighs only 4.8 pounds. It can perform better with a heavy load for heavy-duty jobs. 

Besides, the cast-iron housing design is to protect the tool from any damage. The drill is sturdy and durable and performs better with continuous effort. Another influential feature to note is that the drill has a variable speed trigger, which means it can make 0-550 revolutions per minute (RPM), providing controlled drilling. Moreover, the user has access to control and adjust the speed manually, so it suits to drill on the materials in hand. It, thus, becomes a pretty good handy tool to use. 

Furthermore, the Makita 6.5A electric drill is fitted with the ½ inch industrial drill chuck. The chuck makes it suitable for heavy-duty jobs. It can efficiently handle the high speed and the different materials without breaking it down. Another advantage is that it has a 2-position side handle that provides more support and control when using the tool. 

Users and potential buyers should note that the drill has a 6-feet-long cord that allows it to move conveniently. It also includes a belt clip meaning that it will allow your hands to move freely while working. The aforementioned belt clip is especially handy when working in confined spaces.

The drill comes with a few cons as well. The only power source of 120 volts of electricity means that the drill is limited for user-experience. It will limit your boundaries not to use in areas without electricity since it restricts the use of batteries. 


  • Sturdy and durable
  • The cast-iron housing for improved protection
  • Triggering with variable speed
  • Controlled drilling with precision
  • Manually speed adjustment
  • The side handle with 2-positions
  • The 6-feet cord 


  • Only 120 Volts power source 
  • Limited to user-experience
  • Limitations of battery usage 

7. DEWALT DW130V Electric Drill 

DEWALT DW130V Electric

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DEWALT tools are one of the most powerful tools in the market, and the DW130V model is not an exception. It is a powerful drilling tool, and you can use it in any construction site. At only 3.8 pounds, the tool is sturdy enough to work on tough applications. 

The motor has an output of 9.0 amps that contains enough power to work on heavy-duty applications. It also needs 120 volts to power it up, an ideal charge at most construction sites. Another advantage is that it has the rear and side spade features. Side and rear spade designs provide control over drilling or missing. 

Moreover, the features are adjustable to provide the user with the favors to leverage them for optimal performance. The handle has a soft grip that provides ergonomic control when using the tool. It is also comfortable to avoid causing too much fatigue on the user. 

Moreover, the variable speed and the reversible switch come in handy during drilling holes and mixing mud. The reversing switch prevents air bubbles and ensures smooth operations. The drill also produces up to 550 revolutions per minute of torque. This tool is also versatile as it can twist bit drilling, auger bit, and holes drilling. It can also perform spade bit drilling, and self-feed drilling.

Users should follow some precautionary measures. Make sure you've paused it for a while to cool it down for some heavy-duty jobs. It will save your drill from overheating, early wear and tear. 


  • Sturdy & compatible with tough jobs
  • A 9.0 amps powerful motor
  • The rear and side spade design
  • Soft grip handle with ergonomic control
  • Variable speed & reversible switch 


  • It gets overheated for some heavy-duty applications
  • Takes time to get cool down 

8. Hitachi D13VF 9-Amp Drill

Hitachi D13VF 9-Amp Drill

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The Hitachi D13VF is a powerful tool that comes with a 9-amps powerful motor to sustain speeds. The drill can provide you up to 850 revolutions per minute. Aided by the high-speed torque, it is possible to use the drill on wood and steel. 

The drill has varying drill bit sizes, meaning that you'll feel no unavailability of bit sizes for different applications. Its capacity ranges from 2-1/8-inch torque when used on wood and 416-3/5 when used on steel. It is safe to drill in heavy gear construction sites. It also has a variable speed control trigger that allows users to regulate the speed of drilling on various applications. 

In addition to this two-finger control trigger, it also comes with a lock-on feature to control drilling operations. A removable side handle attached to the drill to increase stability and control. The drill is incredibly lightweight. The cast aluminum drill housing is heavy, sturdy, and durable yet lightweight.

As such, the users can easily move around with this drill. The drill comes with a belt hook for increased productivity. Hitachi drill comes with top quality features to perform drilling jobs efficiently. Unlike most other drills on the market, Hitachi drill has options to use smaller drill bits, making it a unique power tool. 


  • Variety of bit sizes 
  • Applicable for both wood and steel
  • The variable speed trigger
  • The lock-on control feature
  • A removable side handle
  • Lightweight but heavy-duty, sturdy and durable 


  • A bit pricey 

9. Ryobi ZRD43K Variable Speed Drill

Ryobi ZRD43K Variable Speed Drill

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This drill is one of the best Ryobi products on the market. As the name suggests, it has a variable speed control trigger to regulate the speed of drilling. The variable speed triggering makes this tool user-friendly, and overall, it makes sure ease of use. This option saves your drill from damaging, not allowing independent speed. 

The drill has a powerful 5.5-amp motor to generate enough power for different applications. It requires a 120-volt electric power source. 

The lock-on feature is another significant feature of the Ryobi drill. It ensures continued drilling reducing the hand fatigue caused by vibration from drilling. 

Users must note the drill comes with a 3/8-inch keyless chuck, which makes it possible for drilling small bits. Also, you can change the chuck to fit different drill sizes, making it a versatile tool. Keeping users' comfort in mind, Ryobi redesigns this comfort drill machine. Hence, you'll find it comes with a grip-zone over-mold handle for extra-comfort to the users. 

The drill is also very lightweight, easy to move around, and durable. At only 3.6 pounds, users can efficiently carry their tools around the construction site. The lightweight drill never compromises the durability and performance of the drill. It also does not rely on batteries, so no worry about paying an extra penny.

Overall, it is a powerful, sturdy, and compact drill to use on various applications. The only issue is that it can't accept batteries; so, if there's no electricity available, the drill is useless. 


  • The speed control trigger
  • The powerful motor(5.5-amp)
  • The lock-on feature to reduce vibration
  • 3/8-inch keyless chuck, perfect for small bits too
  • The grip-zone over-mold handle
  • Versatile, lightweight, compact & durable
  • No extra expense for battery 


  • Accepts no batteries 
  • You might find issues with chuck system 

10. Genesis GSHD1290 Corded Mud Mixer Drill 

Genesis GSHD1290 Electric Mud Mixer

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If you are looking for a drill that works for both drilling and mud-mixing, then the Genesis GSHD1290 is the best option for you. This drill has a powerful motor of 9-amps to produce maximum torque. By nature, it is powerful and suitable for all your mixing and drilling needs. It works best in thick mud, paint, or drywall. It is very effective in drilling on wood and metal. 

The unique features of the Genesis drill make it stand out on the market. First, its ½ inch chuck is efficient in making large drill holes and useful in mixing drywall putty. Moreover, the variable speed control trigger is useful in controlling the mixing, or drilling speed. 

People like it because of its ergonomic design, user-friendliness, and great protection for hands while using. It has a spade handle and an auxiliary handle to provide more comfort during operation. It also allows users to exercise control over it to avoid any slippage. In addition, the lock-on feature is targeted towards the comfort of the user, especially under extensive use.

The drill is stainless steel construction and weighs only 8.8 pounds. It's a bit heavy drill, but no doubt about its durability. It is, however, difficult to move the tool around, especially in confined spaces. 


  • Effective for drilling on wood, mud, and metal
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Ergonomic design to protect hands
  • User-friendly, and no slippage
  • The auxiliary handle
  • Stainless steel construction 


  • Hard to move around
  • Not perfect for beginners; heavy use only 

Final Verdict 

DEWALT DWD210G is our top pick and the best corded drill for woodworking since it has exclusive features to defeat its competitors. The 10-amp motor produces maximum drilling performance to apply on wood, steel, or metal like these. We have another choice to recommend, and this one is also a powerful tool with a 9-amp motor to produce heavy torque. The Hitachi D13VF has all these things with it to help you. But if you want to get something at a tight budget with better performance, BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT is then will be the best option for you. For your daily home use activities, this tool is second to nothing, and that's why some users call it the best corded drill for home use at a reasonable price. 

We hope these reviews have helped you find the drill you deserve. We'd be happy to know if our readers have not been a fool buying a drill. 

Best Impact Driver: In 2020 [10 Top Picks]

What your DIY journey needs to get it successful is to get a real workhorse. The best impact driver might be the probable handy tool to accomplish your jobs at hand. 

As you'll go on with your DIY projects, you'll be learning curving woods, drilling holes, and many more. On the way, you might meet some circumstances when the only drill can't perform what you exactly want. An impact driver will be an appropriate alternative then. 

But the question is where to get the quality impact driver? Tons of products available online, and picking one is not an easy task if you are inexperienced. Going through a few complex testing and researching steps, we concluded listing the following impact drivers together. Hopefully, this list will meet your needs. 

Impact Driver Comparisons


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

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Top impact driver DEWALT DC825B

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Dimensions: 5.8" x 6.7" x 4.1"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 2.35 pounds

The best Ryobi P238 impact driver

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Dimensions: 7.8" x 6.3" x 3.3"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 3.14 pounds

Milwaukee 2462-20 Impact Driver

Weight: 1.37 pounds

Dimensions: 7"x 1.8"x 6.5"

Power: Cordless

Shipping Weight: 2.25 pounds

PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB Impact Driver Kit

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Dimensions: 11.4" x 3.7" x 9.5"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

DEWALT DCF887B XR Impact Driver Kit

Weight: 2.0 pounds

Dimensions: 8" x 3" x 5.9"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 2.38 pounds

Black+Decker Impact Driver

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Dimensions: 7.9" x 3" x 9"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds

Milwaukee Impact Driver Kit

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Dimensions: 3.5" x 8.2"x 5.8"

Power: Cordless

Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds

Craftsman C3 Impact Driver Model 5727.1

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 4"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 6.9 pounds

Bosch Impact Driver

Weight: 4.3 ounces

Dimensions: 10.6"x 10"x 3.5"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 2.98 pounds

Makita Impact Driver

Weight: 4.0 pounds

Dimensions: 5.8" x 6.7" x 4.1"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 12.19 pounds

10 Best Impact Driver Reviews 

See our list of the best impact driver right here. 

1. DEWALT DC825B 1/4 inch Cordless Impact Driver

The best impact driver reviews

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It is Dewalt’s 18V cordless impact driver made for medium to heavy use for making repairs around the house to installing electrical boxes in the basement or installing bolts in concrete. It is a well balanced compact model, so it weighs less and will fit easier into confined spaces. It has a textured comfort grip, designed not to slip in your hand. 

It’s made out of high-quality materials, as are all of the Dewalt products. Its magnesium gear case and all metal-transmission is an example of the high-quality materials Dewalt uses. Many of the brand name power tool manufacturers have chosen to use plastic to protect these essential components. 

It’s being sold “bare” meaning without the battery or the charger. That’s OK if you already own other Dewalt tools with 18V batteries. If not, you will need to purchase the 18V battery and charger separately. It would be a shame to get home with this high-quality tool ready to work and not have a battery! 

This impact driver comes with a frameless brush motor, which improves product durability and extends the life of the tool. It is a high powered motor, which means it comes ready to tackle a broad range of applications and packs the right amount of power to do so. It delivers 1,330 inch-pounds of torque to get your attention and prove it has the power you need for your applications. It is an ideal tool for driving or removing fasteners from concrete, wood, plastic, or metal. 

It’s also very fast, with variable speed control from 0 – 2,400 rpm, and 0 – 2,700 rpm to get your job done quickly and accurately. 

You can trust Dewalt to provide the tool you need, ergonomically designed, mechanically superior, safe, and easy to operate to handle all of your needs. 

Verdict: If you could only buy one power tool, this would be the tool to buy. It can do just about anything, from drilling a hole in the wood to screwing anchor bolts in concrete. This tool will serve you well for years to come. 


  • Best for working in tight space 
  • Soft & comfort gripping 
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Frameless brush motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Ergonomic design & superior technology 


  • No battery, no charger in the box
  •  Expensive battery/charger 

2. Ryobi P238 Cordless Impact Driver

Ryobi P238 - best value for the money

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This one is the Ryobi P238 1/4 inch 18V One+ Brushless cordless impact driver. Made for your higher than average tasks, the Ryobi can turn some heads with its robust looks and rugged design. It’s already a proven performer with many satisfied customers standing behind it. 

It has a brushless motor that supports 2,000 inches pounds of torque at speeds up to 3,100 RPMs. It has three convenient speed settings which can be adjusted to allow you to work with varying degrees of speed. 

While it’s shoving out a huge amount of torque, your Ryobi P238 is easy to handle with a GRIPZONE over mold, which allows the user to maintain a firm grip even in slippery conditions. The grip is also a perfect size to accommodate a man-size hand (slightly larger than previous models). 

You’ll find a 3-beam LED light around the keyless clutch, activated by the trigger control, which aims a powerful light to illuminate your work zone. The lighting system prevents shadows to allow your focus to remain on the task at hand. The light stays on for 10 seconds after you release the trigger (another handy feature different from previous models). 

Although this unit is sold “bare,” without batteries or charger, it is compatible with all other Ryobi 18V batteries being sold. This tool includes the P100 through P105, as well as the P107 and P108. You should make sure you have one of Ryobi’s 18V batteries if you plan to buy this tool or buy the battery and charger with the tool. 

Ryobi has a winner with this model P238. If you have some heavy-duty tasks to accomplish, this big boy can handle it. It can drive through wood, metal, plastic, or concrete with ease. If you’re planning to build a deck or a concrete bunker, your Ryobi P238 can get the job done. 

Verdict: We can’t find a single reason not to recommend the Ryobi P238 cordless impact driver. We do recommend this Ryobi impact driver. 


  • Rubber molded hand grip
  • Variable & convenient speed setting
  • Easy gripzone handling with strong gripping
  • A 3-beam LED light 


  • Quite heavy compared to the similar product 
  • A bit noisy 

3. Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Cordless Impact Driver – Battery Not Included

Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Impact Driver

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The Milwaukee 1/4 inch 12V Cordless Impact Driver is a compact model for larger household projects up to medium industrial or contractor work. The 12V battery (which is not included) does not have the power or the charge you get with an 18V battery. However, you might be surprised at the amount of power it can deliver. For example, it would be capable of driving 4” screws through two x four’s or plywood to board up your house, if necessary. 

The variable speed, high performing brushless motor is capable of operating at 2,500 RPMs and producing 1,000 inch-pounds of torque. Not bad, for its size, it comes close to the Milwaukee 18V at 2,800 RPMs and 1,500 inch-pounds of torque. 

There are some nice features like the 4 LED lights, which will tell you how much battery you have left in increments of 25%. It also has a powerful LED light, controlled by the trigger, which shines directly on your work zone. It has a forward/reverse directional operation so you can reverse a bolt out if necessary. The rubber-molded grip is another nice feature. It also has a keyless chuck, which makes it easy to change bits. 

The 12V battery required for this Milwaukee tool is compatible with other Milwaukee 12V power tools. So batteries can be interchanged. 

Milwaukee Tools use RED LITHIUM technology. It is an internal electronic technology that allows cross-communication between the battery and the motor, which prevents the motor from overheating by powering itself down. If you’ve ever owned a power tool that fried itself by overheating, you will appreciate this feature. 

Verdict: Milwaukee produces pretty good power tools, and this little 12V cordless impact driver is no exception. The only problem we can find with this impact driver is the amount of power you are limited to with the 12V battery, which can be easily remedied with a backup battery. 


  • Variable speed brushless motor 
  • Light beam to offer luminescence in dark space 
  • Available battery power indicator 
  • Red Lithium-ion technology prevents overheating
  • Forward/reverse indicator 


  • Extra expense for buying battery separately
  • Limited amount of power from 12v battery 

4. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver

PORTER-CABLE Impact Driver Model PCCK647LB

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The Porter-Cable 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver kit includes two twenty volt batteries with 1.5 amp/hour cells and a charging unit. This one is a heavy-duty power tool, which you would expect to be used in construction or large fastening applications. Examples of common uses would be drywall screws, lag bolts, deck screws, self-tapping screws, and ledger lock screws. This power tool is built for hard work. 

It has a brushless motor capable of delivering 50% more runtime than a brushed motor in the previous model. The brushless motor also adds to the lifetime of the tool. It brings 2,700 MAX RPMs and 1,400-inches pounds of max torque to the job site. This machine is packed with power, might be even a little too much. You’ll need to be careful with the variable speed, or your screws will go too deep, or it will strip the heads off. You’ll also find a forward/reverse button, which will allow easy removal of screws, nuts, bolts, etc. 

It is an ergonomic design and is 14% shorter than the previous model. Its convenient compact size makes it easier to use in smaller or confined spaces. It also features a 1/4 inch hex keyless chuck, which is easy to operate and allows for one-handed changes. 

Another useful feature is the LED work light, which illuminates the space where you are working. It is activated when you pull the trigger to activate the impact driver and goes off when it is released.  It also has a battery meter located on the tool itself, which will indicate the remaining charge in the battery. 

The Porter-Cable 20V lithium-ion batteries, which come with the impact driver are compatible with other Porter-Cable 20V MAX lithium-ion power tools. Covering the full charge of the battery takes about a full hour and a half. 

Verdict: It’s hard to control the power in this unit. It’s too bad it doesn’t have at least two-speed settings. 


  • Brushless motor; 50% more power than others 
  • Two 20v lithium-ion batteries 
  • Ergonomic compact design 
  • LED light bean offers luminescence in dark space
  • The forward/reverse button 


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs 
  • Uncontrolled speed may lead the screws to strip the heads off 

5. DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

DEWALT DCF887B Impact Driver

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This Dewalt 20V impact driver kit is sold as a bare tool, meaning tool only, no batteries included. The battery recommended is the Dewalt 20V Lithium-Ion battery. All Dewalt 20V batteries are interchangeable. 

It has a brushless motor, which operates approximately 30% more efficiently than a motor with brushes. This high-efficiency motor delivers 3,200 RPMs. It has three controllable manual speed switch settings. Speed control setting 1 can be used for precision control. Load-speed for setting 1: 0 - 1,000 RPMs; setting 2: 0 - 2,800 RPMs; and setting 3: 0 - 3,250 RPMs. It is a variable speed driver, controlled by pressure placed on the trigger. A variable speed trigger and three speeds to choose from gives the user maximum control over its operation. 

This Dewalt impact driver is loaded up with features for enhanced performance. It has three powerful LED lights surrounding the clutch, which are aimed at your work zone. The lights activate when you pull the trigger to operate the driver. There will be a 20-second delay before they go out after you release the trigger. This light system can be very effective in dimly lit areas. It also has an LED display on the driver, which shows how much life your battery has left. 

This Dewalt driver is very well balanced and is surprisingly compact, which allows it to be used in confined spaces. It also has a convenient forward/reverse switch for quick and easy removal of fasteners. Bit changes can be done with one hand with the easy-grip clutch. It only weighs 3.7 lbs with a 20v battery attached. 

The performance of this Dewalt impact driver is wonderful. It cuts through wood like butter! Dewalt consistently produces good quality tools, designed to stand out from the rest of the pack. This impact driver is a good example of Dewalt’s quality craftsmanship. 

Verdict: This Dewalt impact driver is a winner. Just make sure you have a battery/charger at home! 


  • Compact and lightweight Brush
  • Variable speed control
  • Allows maximum control
  • The 3 LED lights
  • Quick and easy fastener remover
  • An easy-grip clutch 


  • No battery; and requires extra expense to buy 

6. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

Black+Decker Impact Driver

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The kit comes with the Black and Decker 20V1/4” hex cordless impact driver, a 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, a charger, and a screwdriver bit. It has a 1.5 Amp brush motor. The battery takes 4-1/2 hours to charge using the charger that comes with it. According to specs, it delivers 1,375 inches pounds of max torque. 

The Black and Decker impact driver does not perform as the specifications say it should. The battery will begin to fade when it encounters a heavy load. This drill/driver is better suited for small household jobs, possibly as a hobbyist’s tool, or medium to light work. It is not capable of holding up to heavy-duty work for extended periods of time. 

It’s a variable speed driver, which allows better control of the speed using the trigger. RPM’s: 0 - 3,000, BPM: 39,000. It has a forward and reversing switch. The reverse can be used for easy removal of fasteners. 

It is a compact and lightweight tool, which makes it an ideal choice for working in small or confined spaces. 

It does have a quick release chuck, making it easy to change drill bits, even one-handed. 

Another nice feature is the small LED light above the trigger to light your work zone, which is helpful while working in dimly lit areas. The light goes off when you release the trigger. It also has a magnet tray on top, which is convenient for holding extra bits/screws when you work. 

It has a black molded and textured rubber grip, making it easier to hold onto, even when slippery or wet. 

Verdict: Unfortunately, the Black and Decker 20V cordless impact driver doesn’t have enough power to play with the big boys. Our recommendation: if you’re looking for a powerful impact driver to take to the job site, leave this little fella at home. 


  • Battery included
  • Comes with forwarding/reversing switch
  • A compact/lightweight drill
  • The quick-release chuck
  • LED light
  • The magnet tray
  • The rubber grip 


  • Battery fades at heavy load
  • Not fit with heavy-duty work 

7. Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee Impact Driver

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The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Model 2753-20 is bare - no batteries included. It is compatible with all Milwaukee Fuel 20V batteries. 

This impact driver has got an impressive list of features and specifications. It’s taken all the best features and loaded them into one tool to create the best impact driver possible. This model has a high-performance POWERSTATE brushless motor, which operates with 30% more efficiency, combined with four modes of operation, to create the most powerful tool in its class. 

The four-modes speed control offers maximum control and versatility. The added efficiency of the brushless motor provides 1800 inches pounds of torque, 0 – 3000 RPMs, and 0 – 3,700 impacts per minute. Very impressive, but can the performance match the specs? Yes, it can. We watched in awe as it was put through its paces. 

Having control with four separate speed functions was impressive. The fourth setting, for self-tapping screws, do it all, stating out with slow precision speed for just a second and finishing with impact, to prevent stripping the screw. That is a great feature. You don’t have to use the variable speed to control the speed because it’s automatic. 

The four modes of operation are operated with an electronic selection panel on the base of the tool. 

The advanced REDLINK PLUS technology Milwaukee uses on their power tools protect your motor from damage due to overheating or overloading, making it impossible to burn out a motor. The technology allows the battery to communicate with the tool. It also keeps the unit from becoming too hot to touch. 

The Milwaukee Fuel impact driver is compact and lightweight so you can use it anywhere. It has an LED light, which operates with the trigger to light up your work zone. It also has a magnetic tray to hold spare bits or screws. 

Verdict: Can we recommend this impact driver? Absolutely! 


  • Fit with all Milwaukee 20v batteries
  • The 4 modes of speed control
  • Automatic; no need variable control
  • The redlink plus technology
  • The LED light
  • The magnetic tray 


  • No batteries attached 

8. Craftsman Impact Driver

Craftman Impact Driver

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This Craftsman 19.2 Volt 1/4” hex cordless impact driver is sold as a bare tool - no batteries or charger included. 

The motor on this Craftsman is a brush motor, which offers 280 UWO of power. It has a two-speed gearbox and is capable of speeds up to 1,500 RPMs,1,460 inches pounds of torque, and 3,500 RPMs giving it the power it needs to drive lag bolts and long screws. It works with Craftsman 19.2 Volt NiCad or Li-Ion batteries, which are compatible with Craftsman tools. 

The two-speed gearbox, along with the variable speed, offers better speed and power control than the ones with a single speed. Being able to start slow to gain stability before powering through is usually ideal. It also has a quick release, so bits are easily changeable with one hand. 

It's a compact power tool and built small, so to be used in confined spaces. Its compact, ergonomic design makes it easy to work with reducing user fatigue. 

Built with die-cast aluminum, this tough guy is going to be around for a while. It’s made to be durable and able to take some hard knocks. Pretty good for drilling and fastening in wood, lag bolts, fastening screws, and large fasteners. As it effortlessly powers through most plastic, wood, or even some metals, you can expect this Craftsman cordless impact driver to handle your tough jobs. 

It has some other nice features besides its reliability. The ergonomic handle is designed to absorb some of the impact reducing the stress caused by using the impact driver for extended periods of time. It has a light, which turns on and off with the trigger control, which shines directly on your work zone for better visibility in dimly lit areas. It also has a clip to secure an extra drill bit on the base. 

We’ve heard from multiple users that the Craftsman drill bits come with it are not good quality. 

Verdict: Not the top of the line, but it gets the job done. Recommended for light to medium workload. 


  • DIE-cast aluminum construction
  • Brush motor
  • Works with NiCad or Li-Ion batteries
  • The two-speed gearbox
  • Quick-release setting
  • The ergonomic handle for stress reduce 


  • Issues found with drill bits  
  • A bare tool; no battery or charger available 

9. Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B Hex Cordless Impact Driver

Bosch Impact Driver

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Let’s start with the motor. It has the best runtime in its class. It’s made with all metal-gears and offers 1,500 inches pounds of screw-driving torque. It is outfitted with accessible brushes, which can be replaced by the user. Brush motors are great, however, the brushes tend to wear out sooner than the tool. Bosch has found a way to present the best of both worlds by engineering a motor with easily replaceable brushes, extending the life of the tool. This Bosch impact driver is a heavy-duty tool for high volume, heavy-weight work, recognized by contractors as the top of the line. 

Bosch has also enhanced and extended the life of their tools by integrating a higher technology with its Electronic Cell Protection system. This technology protects the tool from overloading or overheating, extending the life of the tool as well as run-time. 

Those two features alone set this Bosch 18V impact driver apart from the rest with their enhanced technology, and engineering but they’ve also added ergonomics to the design. They’ve given it a soft grip and slimmed it down a little, so your hand has a better grip for better control. The tool is well balanced and compact. So you can easily maneuver it into hard to reach places. And that’s not all - it has a spring-loaded mechanism to soften the driver impact effect, reducing user fatigue. They’ve obviously thought this out with all these improvements to make the Bosch the power tool of choice for professionals who spend a lot of time on the job site. 

It has an LED light, which lights up your work zone in dimly lit areas. It has a quick change chuck, so you can easily change bits with one hand. 

We noticed that the trigger, on the Bosch, offers precision control with its variable speed. You shouldn’t just pull the trigger with full force and go. Start slow until your bit bites, speed up for the fast finish, and once the screw is in, release the trigger, so you don’t strip the screw. 

With its compact design, 25% shorter than the competition, and upgraded technology, along with the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) system, ergonomic and efficiency enhancements, the Bosch 18V 1/4” impact driver has surpassed all expectations. Lightweight, compact, high torque, powerful, high precision, unsurpassed control, this is a must-have tool for those who want to own the best. 

Verdict: Bosch has earned its reputation for superior products. That is a professional-grade tool, designed for hard work and increased productivity, on and off the job site. 


  • A heavy-duty tool for extended life
  • Fit with heavy-weight jobs
  • The Electronic Cell Protection system
  • Soft grip for better control
  • The LED light
  • Lightweight, compact & powerful
  • The precision control trigger 


  • No mentionable problem is found if you consider its price
  • Highly professional-grade tool; not for beginners 

10. Makita 18V Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

Makita Impact Driver

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Makita has entered a class of its own with this 1/4” 18V lithium-ion brushless cordless impact driver. Since the motor is brushless, it automatically increases the lifetime and productivity of the tool by as much as 35%. In addition to that feature, it has four modes of operation, offered only on the best impact drivers. This increased control offers high performance and versatility on a wide range of applications. In other words, it is exactly the tool you need to get the job done right. 

It has a “Quick-Shift” mode, which electronically detects the best balance of torque and speed for any application, meaning you don’t even have to think about it - the tool figures it out for you. It will also prevent damage to the workpiece. There is also an “assist mode” that holds the motor at a slow speed for the first couple of seconds until the screw bites and starts to tighten up. It will eliminate cross threading and stripping. In addition to the quick-shift mode and the “assist” mode, there are two additional tightening modes, which allow you to make fast work of self-drilling screws. 

It has Forward/Reverse directional controls, which can be used to remove screws, especially older stubborn screws. A new feature, auto stop, automatically stops rotation when the screw is loosened enough for removal by hand, so it doesn’t fall out on the floor. 

Two LED lights shine from either side of your work zone to light dimly lit work areas and prevent shadows. 

The Makita 18V cordless impact driver delivers 3,600 max RPMs and 1,600 inches pounds of torque. 

Its compact and ergonomic design allows easy maneuvering into confined spaces. These features, combined with the improved efficiency and performance offered by the four modes of operation, make this power tool hard to beat! 

Verdict: Makita knows how to design and engineer tools for high performance. This impact driver from Makita is not an exception too. It comes with so many handy features, so highly recommended! 


  • The “Quick-Shift” mode
  • Variable speed drive with four-speed control
  • Brushless motor with Lithium-Ion battery
  • The precise direction control feature
  • Forward/reverse control
  • Two LED lights
  • The compact size and ergonomic design 


  • A bare tool; means no battery attached
  • Little bit pricey 

Final Verdict 

So, we are now well aware of the quality of impact drivers, their features, and performance. We also know the pros and cons of each product. It's now crystal clear to you if even you are a newbie. 

If you still hasitate, we can step another footstep for the recommendation. In respect of performance, quality, and the torque produced, we found DEWALT DC825B is the real workhorse. But it'll cost you a bit high. 

Ryobi P238 One+ is an affordable but powerful tool. You can also go for any of the two Milwaukee products displayed here. They are a super performer in terms of quality and performance. 

For more versatile power tools, go here.

Best Hammer Drill: In 2020 [10 Top Picks]

If you get the best hammer drill on the market in one web page, it'll definitely reduce your time rather than to find that from the gulf. A very simple idea in mind, for you guys, we did this toughest job to find you all of them together. 

China first introduced the drilling technique for crushing rocks in ancient times. In the current drilling technique, there are a few more options to apply. The hammering motion is a way to provide rapid progress in this arena. 

A hammer drill is the best drilling option available around there. Unlike most other power drills, a hammer drill is more appropriate for heavy-duty jobs like drilling holes on concrete. 

It is, chiefly, designed to drill in hard materials. Unlike the general drill machine, it has an impact mechanism to generate strong hammering thrust to make bore on hard metals. Besides, the forward and reverse mode of drilling allows spinning in and out, which is generally found missing in most so-called, drills. 

So, you see that the hammer drill is a kind of powerful drill machine. But be aware of the beast since it produces heavy vibration, which may kick your neck too. 

Table: Top Hammer Drills on the Market


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

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DEWALT DWD520K Drill Kit

Weight: 3.66 pounds
Dimensions: 13.5" x 16.1" x 4.4"
Voltage: 120 volts
Shipping Weight: 11.1 pounds

Milwaukee model 2607-20

Weight: 3.4 pounds
Dimensions: 2.2" x 7.7" x 7.2"
Voltage: 18 volts
Shipping Weight: 3.45 pounds

SKIL model 6445-04

Weight: 5.5 pounds
Dimensions: 13.2" x 10" x 3"
Voltage: 120 volts
Shipping Weight: 5.75 pounds

Milwaukee 2997-22 Electric Drill

Weight: 14.9 pounds
Dimensions: 6" x 20" x 14"
Shipping Weight: 16.9 pounds

DEWALT D-Handle Drill

Voltage: 115.00 volts
Power: Corded-electric
Size: 1-1/8"
Current: 8 amps
Style: Rotary Hammer

Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 Drill

Weight: 1 pound
Dimensions: 5" x 9" x 11"
Shipping Weight: 4.25 pounds

Makita HR2811F Drill

Weight: 7.28 pounds
Dimensions: 4.9" x 16.9" x 14.2"
Voltage: 240 volts
Shipping Weight: 12.1 pounds


Weight: 4.5 pounds
Dimensions: 14.1" x 15.8" x 5.2"
Voltage: 18 volts
Shipping Weight: 12.45 pounds

Ryobi P214 One+

Weight: 3.95 pounds
Dimensions: 9.4" x 9.1" x 3.6"
Voltage: 18 volts
Shipping Weight: 3.95 pounds

Bosch 11255VSR Power Drill

Weight: 10.4 pounds
Dimensions: 22.5" x 11.2" x 4.8"
Shipping Weight: 11.45 pounds

10 Best Hammer Drill Reviews

See our list of best hammer drill right here. 

1. DEWALT Pistol Grip Hammer Drill Kit

DEWALT DWD520K Hammer Drill Kit

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The Dewalt Hammer drill comes ready to go out of the box. Just plug it in, insert your drill bit into the chuck, press the trigger and whrrrrrrrrr! Position it where you want to drill, and use slow steady pressure to finish the hole. 

The powerful 10 Amp motor has all the power you’ll need to drill through tough surfaces. Dewalt has a patented motor design that generates 50% more power with overload protection to get the job done right. 

We found it performed well with a two-speed range (0 - 1,200/0 - 3,500 rpm), which increased control in a high-speed, high-torque application. 

This model can be used as a regular drill or a powerful hammer drill with its versatile dual-mode feature. The Dewalt hammer drill is the right choice for use in a thick wood, masonry, steel, or anything in between. However, it does not have the jackhammer feature which hammers without rotation. 

The handle has a soft comfort grip, which makes it comfortable and easy to hold. It includes a depth rod to prevent drilling too deep. It also has a two-finger trigger for comfort and control. The gears are enclosed by a metal housing for protection, rather than plastic. That makes it more durable and ready for the job site. It is a variable speed drill and can be set for forward or reverse. You can use the reverse to remove screws quickly and easily. 

This drill performed admirably, and it even has more handy features such as the 360-degree locking adjustable and removable front handle, which gives you the extra leverage you need while in the hammer drill mode. It also helps if you hit a rock while drilling masonry. It has a helpful oversized chuck key (and chuck strap). 

Drill bits will loosen while using this drill unless you use the variable speed to slow the drill down before stopping. Make sure you tighten the chuck in all three key slots to help keep the bit from loosening. 

Verdict: Although this hammer drill is manufactured in China, it is a powerful tool with plenty of power to handle tough jobs. It has all the features it needs to make it versatile and easy to use. It performs well drilling in concrete, wood, or steel. We can definitely recommend this Dewalt hammer drill. 


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • 50% more power
  • Dual-mode of operations
  • Applicable for wood, masonry, steel, or anything in between
  • Soft & comfort grip
  • Variable speed with forwarding & reverse mode
  • Two-finger trigger


  • Made in China
  • Lacking key-less chuck 

2. Milwaukee 2607-20 Cordless Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 2607-20 Compact Hammer Drill

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This compact Milwaukee cordless hammer drill with a 1/2 inch chuck weighs only 3.4 lbs. (without batteries) making it easier to operate for longer periods. It has three drilling modes and an 18-position clutch. You can easily switch between driving, drilling, or hammer drilling modes with this versatile power tool. It can handle softwood, hardwood, masonry, and even some metals in either drilling or hammer drilling modes. 

This drill does not have a side handle since it’s a portable model. However, side handles from other Milwaukee drills are interchangeable. 

It has an LED light panel under the keyless chuck to light up your work area and prevent shadows from forming. 

It is a variable speed hammer drill. It also has a switch for drilling (higher speed) and screwing (lower speed, higher torque). It also has a forward/reverse switch. You can use the reverse function to back screws out if you need to remove them. 

The metal gear casing (rather than plastic) is durable and safer. It protects the gears better since it won’t break if it’s dropped. 

This Milwaukee hammer drill is sold without batteries; however, it is compatible with M18 lithium-ion batteries. 

The motor on this model comes with brushes. Some people prefer brushless motors. Other than the fact that the brush motor sparks, which is normal, we can’t identify a big difference between the two types. 

You should always use the variable speed to slow down and stop the drill. When the drill stops abruptly, it loosens the drill bits, causing them to need tightening frequently. 

Verdict: Milwaukee lives up to its name with this sturdy, reliable cordless hammer drill. Its sturdy build and compact size make it a big winner. If you don’t mind the fact that it does not come with a battery, you will be pleased with this purchase! 


  • Compact, lightweight & cordless
  • Versatility in modes of operation
  • LED light
  • Durable metal gear casing 


  • Wobbling of chucks
  • Lacking the side handle
  • Sold without battery

3. Skil Hammer Drill 6445-04

SKIL 6445-04 1/2 In. Drill

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The Skil hammer drill is a corded drill. It has a robust 7.0 amp motor and a ½ inch keyed chuck to fit large diameter bits, especially bits designed for woodworking and cutting. This drill has a handy side handle, which can be adjusted to any position. The handle is used for support and better control of the drill. 

This one is a variable speed drill that allows better control of your drilling speed with the two-finger trigger. We noticed it accelerates smoothly from low to high speeds. 

The cord for this drill is only 8 ft. long, so you will probably need to have an extension cord handy. The 8 ft. is not long enough to use the drill away from the bench. The cord does feature an integrated chuck keeper, which will help you keep track of the chuck. 

We were surprised to see the gearbox cover was metal instead of plastic. Metal offers much better protection for the moving parts inside the gearbox. 

There is a switch on top, which you can use to select between a hammer or normal drilling

The Skil hammer drill does not have a very strong hammer function and will probably disappoint some users who expected to use it for heavy-duty projects. However, it is a great tool for DIY and household applications. It operates very well as a regular drill also. It can be used to drill through concrete though, it doesn’t feel solid enough to keep it up for an extended period of time. 

The depth gauge is a bit flimsy but it works. 

Verdict: This drill would be an excellent choice for DIY’ers to take part in household projects. If it isn’t abused, it could last a lifetime. This drill is not an excellent choice for pros. It doesn’t hold up for heavy-duty use. Other negatives worth mentioning are the 8ft power cord and the flimsy depth gauge. 


  • Smooth power acceleration
  • Two-finger trigger
  • A handy side handle
  • Metalic gearbox cover
  • Hammer or normal drilling options
  • Can drill through concrete 


  • Only 8 ft. cord; need extension cord
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • Flimsy depth-gauge 

4. Milwaukee 2997-22 Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 2997-22 Hammer Drill/Impact Driver

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It is a set of two of Milwaukee’s finest fuel power tools: a hammer drill and an impact driver. These models are two very stout power tools! It’s also the most compact, allowing better maneuvering in small spaces. And the 2853-20 powerstateTM brushless motor has 30% faster driving speeds and up to 2,000 inch-pounds of torque. They are both compacts in sizes, but you wouldn’t think so once you see the impressive display of power they have! 

Both of these power tools use RedlinkTM plus intelligence, an advanced technology, used by Milwaukee in their tools to provide high performance and overload protection and to prevent damage to the tool and battery during heavy operation. 

The kit comes with two red lithium 5.0 extended capacity battery packs. These batteries are powerful, and it is a fact that the two come in the package is like receiving a generous bonus. 

Manufactured in China, this kit is the third generation of similar kits. This generation has all the kinds worked out so you can be confident you’re receiving an improved product. The M18 FUEL generation has higher torque, more power, and faster RPMs than previous versions. Two 4.0 batteries were included in earlier versions. However, this version includes two 5.0 battery packs rather than 4.0. 

Milwaukee Tools has been developing high powered tools to users since 1924. That dedication can be seen in the tools in this kit. Once you own these, you will want to own all of Milwaukee’s tools. 

Milwaukee Tool leads the industry in both durability and performance. Milwaukee Tools continues to lead with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions. 

This team of power tools from Milwaukee is a powerful pair of workhorses, which you will be proud to own. The sense of compact power you get while using either the hammer drill or the impact driver is very impressive. 

Verdict: Solid and true, the hammer drill and impact driver in this kit could be one of the best purchases you will ever make. 


  • Higher torque, more power, and 30% faster
  • Hammer & impact driving options
  • Advanced technology
  • Two lithium 5.0 battery packs 


  • China product
  • Two earlier versions 4.0 batteries 

5. DEWALT D25263K Rotary Hammer Drill

DEWALT D-Handle Rotary Hammer Drill

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The Dewalt D25263K Rotary Hammer is a corded 120V electric power tool that offers 3 Joules of energy for drilling fast and chipping. It has a high-performance motor of about 8.5 Amp which should satisfy your every need. It also features active vibration and regulation control system (SHOCKS), which reduces vibration while handling. This is a nice feature and it really does make a difference when you’re using it. A gyratory brush-ring brings full speed with heavy torque while in forward or reverse, as well as a clutch, which reduces jarring and torque reactions when a bit gets jammed. 

This rotary drill uses the SDS (Slotted Drive System) chuck rather than a keyed or keyless chuck. However, it requires and only takes SDS plus carbide drill bits. These drill bits have slots in the shanks which match up to the unit to lock into place. These are the only drill bits that are compatible with this hammer drill. They are made to fit securely in the shank. It means the bit can’t loosen, and you don’t have to use a key to tighten the bit. 

It operates in three modes: drill, hammer drill, and hammer only for chiseling. 

You’ll be whistling while you work with the Dewalt! The performance of this rotary hammer drill is great. It works like a beast to remove the old tile and the thin-set underneath. It continues to perform even if it’s been there for many years.  It can drill holes in concrete like a champ all day long. It performs like a demolition machine or a mini jackhammer to get the job done. The unit does get hot to the touch. However, it keeps on working. 

It comes with a 360-degree side handle and a depth rod. The handle can be attached at any location. 

Verdict: This one is a great tool, and it performs well. If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, or find yourself in need of a way to drill into concrete, this is the right tool for you. 


  • More energy from 120V electric power
  • Vibration control SHOCKS
  • SDS system
  • Three modes of operations
  • The 360-degree side handle
  • The depth-rod 


  • A bit noisy
  • Not for very heavy-duty tasks 

6. Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL Hammer Drill

Milwaukee 2804-20 1/2 in. Drill

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The model number 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in the hammer drill from Milwaukee Tools is built for power. It has a tool-peak torque of 1,200 inch-pounds and 2,000 RPMs. 

This power state brushless motor was built specifically for the M18 Fuel 1/2" drill driver. It will provide approximately 60% more power than its competitor. 

This hammer drill ensures maximum performance and protection from overheating, overload, and discharge. It is because the drill uses the Redlink Plus technology, a new technological insight. It prevents damages and discharges to the tool and battery during the period of heavy use, and still maintains compatibility across the M18 system. 

The battery does not come with this unit. However, if you have any Milwaukee batteries at home, they will be compatible. It will take any amperage batteries, Milwaukee makes. 

Milwaukee’s M18 hammer drill is compact and delivers up to 60% more power than previous generations! It’s also two times faster than any of its class, under heavy load. The Powerstate, a renowned brushless motor, produces heavy torque up to 1,200 lbs and 2,000 RPMs. It means the drill is fast and compatible drilling through the hard and tough applications. 

This compact drill allows better access to tight spaces. The Redlink plus intelligence technology is an added feature to ensure key performance. The chuck is metal and is the best in class for bit grip strength as well as corrosion resistance. 

There are three modes of operation: one for driving, one for drilling, and one for hammer drilling. 

The drill comes with the side handle for support and to control the drill. This drill is pretty powerful and has a surprising amount of torque. It can jerk your arm severely and possibly damage your shoulder if you choose not to use it. 

Verdict: This is a powerful driver in a small package. Don’t let its size deceive you. It has enough torque to jerk your arm right out of its socket. 


  • Powerful drill; 60% more power
  • Redlink Plus technology
  • Compact; produces heavy torque
  • Compatible with hard and tough applications
  • Allowed to the tight spaces
  • Corrosion-free chuck
  • Multiple modes of operation 


  • No battery attached
  • Produces heavy jerk; risky 

7. Makita HR2811F SDS Rotary Hammer Kit 

Makita HR2811F Hammer Drill

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This powerful 6.7 amp corded electric variable speed motor delivers 2.1 foot-pounds of impact energy to handle the toughest applications. It’s a versatile L shaped design, high powered rotary hammer drill, ideal for horizontal work. An LED light does a great job illuminating your work area if you happen to be working in a dimly lit area. The first great feature we found on this power tool was the built-in shock absorption rear handle, which works well. Next, the ergonomic design was a pleasant surprise. 

It also comes with an extra support handle and a depth gauge to prevent drilling too deep. However, these two features weren’t designed to work very well together on this model. 

The Makita rotary hammer has three modes of operation: rotation only, hammering only or hammering with rotation. The fact that there is an option for no hammering while idling will help to increase the life of the motor and to lessen the effects of constant hammering. 

This Makita rotary hammer drill does feature a carbon brush motor. Brush motors typically last longer than brushless. It also takes the SDS Plus slotted drill bits. The clutch has a safety feature to limit torque, which automatically disengages gears for gear protection. 

A surprising and handy feature we found on this power tool is a recessed lock-on button for continuous use. You don’t see that on all rotary hammer drills. 

Makita engineers its rotary hammers with Makita Motor Advantage, which features core interlocked steel laminations, dual, ball bearing armature, and additional copper commutator bars, which offers more power and extends the life of the tool. These design improvements increase energy transfer efficiency for more power and longer tool life. 

Verdict: This is a powerful tool and should last a long time. The only flaw was the depth gauge. The way it’s positioned with the extra handle makes it useless in certain positions. 


  • Versatile L shaped design 
  • LED light
  • Built-in shock rear handle
  • The depth gauge
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • Recessed lock-on button
  • Durable, efficient and powerful 


  • A bit costly
  • Issues with depth gauge 

8. DEWALT DCD950KX Drill/Driver/Hammerdrill Kit


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From its heavy-duty 1/2 inch ratcheting chuck to its patented three speeds, all metal-transmission, you will enjoy using this Dewalt power tool. Dewalt has all its features packed into this ultra-durable hammer drill!  The 1/2 in self-tightening chuck tightens itself throughout its operation. No more looking around for the chuck key and tightening the bit as you’re trying to get the job done! Dewalt has thought of everything with this model. 

It has LED illumination that does a nice job if you’re working in a dimly lit area, and it comes with two of the XRP extended run time NiCad batteries along with a one-hour charger to keep this drill running all the time at full tilt! These Dewalt trademark batteries provide up to 40% more run time than regular NiCad batteries. 

The high powered and high-efficiency motor on the Dewalt 18V delivers 450 watts for unmatched performance. It makes quick work of just about any drilling or fastening project you are going, and it can handle just about anything else you throw at it, whether it’s wood, steel, masonry, or concrete. You are ready for anything with this versatile DEWALT 18V hammer-drill/driver at your side! 

It’s durable, yet ergonomic design includes the placement of the handle at mid-grip (with 360-degree rotation) and a balanced body for ease of control and less fatigue at the end of the day. 

The patented three-speed transmission will allow the match up of the tool's performance to the task at hand for maximum efficiency at the fastest speed possible. 

We can’t find a flaw with this Dewalt hammer drill. It’s designed to get the job done, and it does its job well. 

Verdict: One of the best we’ve seen. Exceptional design and performance from top to bottom. 


  • A complete set drill
  • LED light
  • NiCad batteries
  • Mid-gripped & balanced body
  • Ergonomic design; compact and lightweight
  • Self-tightening chuck 


  • Not a lithium-ion battery and less powerful 

9. Ryobi Hammer Drill P214 One+

Ryobi P214 18 Volt Lithium Ion Hammer Drill

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This little Ryobi P214 18 Volt lithium-ion hammer drill is being sold bare-bones, without a battery. The good news is that it is compatible with all other Ryobi 18V batteries. You might want to make sure you have one at home before you buy this particular hammer/drill driver. 

You’ll find it has a 1/2 inch all metal keyless ratcheting chuck, along with a clutch overdrive, which will allow quick change over from drill mode to drive mode. It has two separate modes of operation. It operates in drill mode for drilling in wood, plastics, and metal, or in drive mode for driving screws and bolts. It performs both of these functions very well. 

It has 600 lbs of torque, which will get your attention. Ryobi has designed this tool well with a removable auxiliary handle that offers support and stability while it’s in operation. When it gets started, you'll find that the auxiliary handle has hanged on it! You will notice that it is well balanced as well. 

The Ryobi P214 features two variable speeds. The first speed operates at up to 1,600 RPM, and the second speed operates at up to 24,000 BPM. This two-speed transmission with variable speed is designed for precision and versatility in the Ryobi. This drill/driver offers powerful performance, with a 24 position clutch that can handle high torque operations while the clutch override will allow a quick mode change from drill to drive. The GRIP ZONE over-molding offers a comfortable grip. 

This model also offers an electric brake, which will stop the drill rotation as soon as you take the pressure off the trigger. 

Verdict: As long as you know, this model comes without a battery; you should be well pleased with the performance of this Ryobi Drill/Driver. 


  • Powerful and compact
  • Dual modes - drill mode & drive mode
  • Quick-change keyless ratcheting chuck
  • The removable side handle
  • Two different levels of variable speed
  • Comfortable grip
  • Electric brake 


  • No batteries included 

10. Bosch Bulldog, The Bosch hammer Extreme 1” Hammer Drill

Bosch 11255VSR Xtreme Corded Hammer Drill

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Judging by the name, I expect this bad boy to be the beast of all beasts! Just the name is intimidating! Let’s get down to it and see what this bad boy will do! 

From the start, we can see it’s serious with a solidly built handle in the back for a rugged grip, and another handle upfront to hold onto for control, stability, and support. This formidable machine is loaded with power! The Bosch Bulldog is a 1” corded variable speed hammer drill with an 8 Amp rotary motor that will power through just about any application you can dream up. 

The rotary hammer delivers 2.0 feet/pounds of impact energy for maximum performance. It will drill through thick concrete or masonry quickly. 

You’ll find three modes of operation on the Bosch hammer Extreme: rotation only, rotary hammer, and hammer mode only. You will always have an accurate bit starting or easy fastener removal using the variable speed trigger with forwarding/reverse. 

Ease of use function added to the Bosch Bulldog is the vibration control feature, offering all-day comfort, and it really makes a difference. The ergonomic handle design has a comfortable grip offering optimal control. It is especially useful in overhead drilling applications. 

It even has additional features added to contribute to the easy operation of this power tool. For example, it’s equipped with the SDS Plus bit system with auto-lock, making bit changes a snap! The power supply cord is designed with a 35% pivot to protect from wear for a longer cord life. It also has an integral clutch, which stops torque automatically if a bit gets jammed. 

The Bosch bulldog is designed and built for serious work. It’s a powerful tool ready for the job site. It is a well balanced ergo dynamic design, and optimal performance makes it easy to see why it’s preferred on so many job sites. 

Verdict: This Bosch hammer drill makes work fun. We would not hesitate to recommend this hammer drill. 


  • Ergonomic design & useful drilling opportunity
  • Multiple modes of operation
  • D-handle gripping
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Forward & reverse mode
  • SDS Plus bit system 


  • Less powerful in heavy-duty concrete 

Final Verdict:

We tried here to make your purchasing decision easy. From the discussion above, we came to a conclusion finding these two drills as our best choice - Milwaukee 2607-20 Cordless Drill, and DEWALT Hammer Drill Kit. But Ryobi P214 will be the best hammer drill in terms of value for the money. You'll find modern technology with REDLINK Intelligence. In some drills, the side handle is really handy. Moreover, the LED light is an added value to the kits. 

Best Right Angle Drill Attachment: In 2020 [8 Top Picks]

Find the world's best right angle drill attachment on the market in one place. See our list of 3 drill attachment and 5 top right angle drills right here. 

Whether you are an expert professional or beginner power tools user at home and garage, our selection is perfect for everyone. If you are a homeowner, you can use one of them for any home improvement activities. As a professional contractor, this tool is a must to have at your garage. 

These handy tools can reach in tight spaces where most other standard tools fail. In our collections, you'll find drill attachment, corded, or cordless right-angle drills to fit your needs. 

Top Picks Compared!


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

Click Here to

DEWALT Attachment

Weight: 7 ounces
Dimensions: 4.9" x 1.2" x 8.7"
Power: corded-electric
Voltage: 120 volts
Shipping Weight: 7 ounces

Milwaukee Drill Attachment

Weight: 1.05 pounds
Dimensions: 10" x 2" x 6"
Power: corded-electric
Voltage: 110 volts
Shipping Weight: 1.05 pounds

Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment

Weight: 1 pound
Dimensions: 5.2" x 1.9" x 10"
Shipping Weight: 1.95 pounds

Makita Right Angle Drill

Weight: 4.15 pounds
Dimensions: 10.6" x 2.4" x 3.1"
Power: corded-electric
Bulb: LED
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 4.15 pounds 

DEWALT Right Angle Drill, Cordless

Weight: 3.25 pounds
Dimensions: 4.5" x 12.4" x 2.4"
Voltage: 20 volts
Material: Steel

Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 3.3 pounds

Bosch PS11-102 Drill

Weight: 4.8 pounds
Dimensions: 12.5" x 9.8" x 4.2"
Voltage: 12 volts
Special Feature: variable-speed
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 4.95 pounds

Milwaukee 3107-6 Drill

Weight: 15.13 pounds
Dimensions: 12.3" x 23.1" x 5.5"
Special Feature: variable-speed
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 15.55 pounds

DEWALT DW124 Drill

Weight: 13.5 pounds
Dimensions: 6" x 12" x 27"
Power: corded-electric
Voltage: 120 volts
Special Feature: variable-speed
Shipping Weight: 14.8 pounds

8 Best Right Angle Drill Attachment Reviews

See our list of 8 best right angle drill attachment right here. 

1. DEWALT DWARA 100 Right Angle Attachment

DEWALT DWARA100 Attachment

Click here to Check Latest Price

This is a metal in nature that is designed for the purpose of impacting drivers with a sure-set system-floating magnet secure fasteners. It has a true 900 head that makes drilling into tight spaces possible using a 1-inch bit tip. 

Popular for offering improved accessibility for confined spaces, this tool has an ergonomic ABS handle keeping it from heating up during work. It also achieves increased gear strength. Representing over 2000 life cycles, this accessory also helps lower slipping and wobbling. 

This right-angled attachment meant for DEWALT for impacting drivers makes it possible for people to get into tight places for easy tightening and driving. It comes along with a set of floating magnet that enables a secure fastener. It means therefore that the use of fingers to hold screws is no longer in the application. 

The DWARA 100 is made up of 5x lasting long life coupled with a magnet, its dimension from tip to back is up to an inch, which makes it possible to fit in the smallest of places. In using this tool, however, be sure that you are not using a standard cylindrical drill BITS. It works best with a hex shaft drill bits that are commonly accessible. 

The catch in using this accessory is that it has the unique ability to secure the fasteners for you. This gives you an easy drilling experience with no need to try holding the screws between your fingers, as they may be sweaty at this point. A globally recognized model, there is no limit to what you can achieve with this tool. 


  • An easy & comfortable drilling experience 
  • 90° head to reach tight spaces possible 

  • No slipping & wobbling
  • A secure magnetic fastener 


  • Little bit cumbersome 
  • You might find some issue with the magnetic system 

2. Milwaukee Drill Attachment 

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment Kit

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This is one of the most remarkable and easy to use the product, the Milwaukee is a long-lasting right angle drill attachment of Taiwan origin. It has a ¼” (right angle) hex drill and screwdriver attachment making it able to work with ¼-inch hex-shank bits. 

Its popularity attributes to the fact that when it comes to cordless (2.4 - 18 volts), this accessory tool produces ample torque and drills into 235-inches deep. Its durability is because it has a metal casing and attached gears of steel. At 2-inches wide, working in spots that are tight is made possible. Contractors can easily drive screws and drill holes in worksites that are tight, confined and difficult to access. 

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment makes it possible for contractors to be able to drive screws as well as drill holes into the tightest and difficult places one can think of. It is very perfect or cordless drills. This simple machine has all-metal housing as well as steel gears to handle construction with ease. 

Although it is small, the Milwaukee design is unique to do what the traditional drill or screwdriver cannot achieve. It, therefore, simplifies the work intended and stands as a cost-saver for when using a stubby screwdriver. A renowned brand name, the tool delivers a ¼-inch drill attachment appropriate for cordless drills. 

Having a quick-change magnetic chuck keeps it accommodative of the standard ¼-inch hex drive accessories. With it, therefore, you can expect that you have enough torque to drive screws or drill smaller holes. Additionally, its configuration stands unique to serve in reverse so you can just as easily remove screws as you initially drove them in. 


  • An easy and comfortable tool kit
  • Sturdy and durable; manufactured in Taiwan
  • Steel gears & metal housing
  • The 1/4-inch standard bits
  • Run in reverse mode also
  • Drills into tight spaces too 


  • Outer case housing may be faulty 

3. Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment 

Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment

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This tool features a full metal architecture, an attribute that prolongs its life. It can deliver a smooth drilling service for an extended period. It has 4 ball bearings making it a heavy-duty kind of tool. Featuring 3/8-inch metal keyless chuck, the Milescraft can easily work with most drill accessories available in the market particularly the ones with 3/8”. 

The best thing about this tool is that the handler has total creative control regardless of their chosen drilling angle. The handle’s design displays and influences a comfortable grip so the user leads the entire operation in style and comfortability. 

The Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment for you to convert your corded drill to a 90-degree drill. It, therefore, allows you to bore holes and drive screws in some extreme spaces, this simple machine feature an all-metal construction that makes it be durable, it has a four-ball bearing that assures of heavy-duty performance. 

The extension handle can just as easily be detached, giving the user the opportunity to chuck this to their drill when the workspace in question is extremely confined. The ability to chuck the tool in two distinct locations qualifies it as the best right angle drill attachment. 

With the only limitation being that this tool will not fit in a 1/4 –inch chuck, there is no limit to the extent you can go with it. The contractor enjoys an easy to control drilling experience while keeping the tool aligned. Its solid nature, coupled to the comfortability it offers, makes the entire drilling experience fun and result-oriented. 


  • Fully metal construction & durable
  • A smooth drilling experience
  • Rotate up to 360° angle to reach the desired position
  • Comfort gripping
  • 4-ball bearing for heavy-duty performance 


  • The only issue not supporting standard 1/4 –inch chuck 

4. Makita Right Angle Drill 

Makita Right Angle Drill 4.0 A

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This tool is popularly known to be a powerful tool working alongside equally powerful accessories. A Japanese origin, the Makita design, features an in-built LED. This provides a light and therefore an illumination to ensure that the contractor knows exactly what s/he is doing. 

Adding to the remarkable visibility achieved is the fact that it is custom-made to accommodate small workspaces. Its distinctiveness in a compact design, as well as the lightweight nature it manifests, makes it ideal for tight quarters work. The adjustable paddle switch features a dial stopper so the user can swiftly pre-set so that it drills in accordance with their intended speed. 

A selling point for this tool is the side grip handle that stands removable or installable depending on what level of advantage the handler wishes to achieve. This simple machine enables you to be able to deliver corded drilling strength into areas that ordinarily cannot be reached by fingers. 

It also does not have a load speed of 0-2, 400 rotations per minute. It also has a reverse feature making it possible to remove the screw. The possibility of doing this draws from the presence of the reverse button. 

There is, however a limitation in using this tool, which can also be considered as being a strength by certain people. This is the fact that the variable speed trigger proves to be excessively sensitive. Many users love Makita for its perfect size, compactness, and smoothness of operation but what is common to every other user is that this tool delivers very good service in meeting the objective. 


  • Lightweight & compact design
  • Comes with a built-in LED light
  • Variable speed controller & dial stopper
  • Soft side-gripped handle 
  • Japanese origin, a powerful tool 


  • Sensitive variable speed trigger 

5. DEWALT DCD74OB Right Angle Cordless Drill

DEWALT DCD740B Cordless Right Angle Drill

Click here to Check Latest Price 

This is an amazing right angle drill attachment displaying a dual speed of between the ranges of 0 to 650 or 0 to 2000 rotations per minute for maximum user flexibility. This makes it possible for this tool to serve in a wide array of services. 

It has a compact front to back length of up to 4 inches, an attribute that makes it possible for the handler to fit into places that may not be very easily reachable. A good property in this attachment tool is that it has a multi-grip trigger, which enhances the level of comfort achieved by the user. 

It is also user-friendly and completely convenient. The operator is, therefore, able to work in tighter spaces with the full ability to reach the trigger upon need. With a 3/8 inch ratcheting chuck, this tool also has a deep hex pocket that makes a 2-inch hex bit completely compatible in a bid to reach confined spaces. 

In choosing to buy this tool, however, you will be compelled to buy a battery and a charger separate from the tool. Although the robustness of this tool is questionable, in the hands of an experienced contractor, the target as pre-determined by the operator is strongly attainable. 

In the hands of a beginner, however, there is a considerable probability of burn out as this tool is not that strong. Its versatile uses are however beyond reproach. Not arguable, this Dewalt design is solid and smooth with good speed control. It will revolutionize your whole experience drilling. 


  • A variable dual speed rotation system
  • Compact to handle in hard to reach places
  • Multi-grip triggering system
  • Comfortable and convenience for users
  • Compatible 2" hex bits 


  • Extra-expense for battery & charger
  • Case sensitive in the hands of beginners 

6. Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle Drill 

Bosch PS11-102 Drill

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This tool will provide the best value for your money. It has a 12 volts motor that uniquely places it at a position where it can comfortably achieve up to 1300 rotations per minute. This factor, coupled with the 115 pounds maximum torque ensures that the operator can achieve so much in very little time. 

The five-position pivoting head gets through 900 to 1800, an achievement that makes this tool the most appropriate option for working in confined work spots. With a 3/8-inch auto-lock chuck, this tool offers rather easy bit replacements while at the same time ensuring that the tool can serve in multiple perspectives. 

The Bosch has an adjustable speed trigger giving the user the informed capacity to determine which the best speed is for him or her to regulate the tool to operate. With a keyless chuck design, the tool has a motor brake convenience provision for exact serial screw driving. Serving both as a power screwdriver and as a drill, this outstanding product is a pacesetter with significant contributions. 

Although it does not provide room for adjusting the torque, this tool stands well built, with an amazing amount of power and beats many others in the market. In the event that what you are looking for is a cordless screwdriver that is powerful, this is it. Even in the absence of a power adjustment clutch, it is still very reliable. 


  • The best value for the money
  • The variable speed trigger system
  • Keyless chuck design
  • The rotating head with 5-positioning
  • Applicable to different operations & in tight spaces 


  • Produces heavy torque, but no scope of adjustment 

7. Milwaukee 3107-6 Right Angle Drill 

Milwaukee 3107-6 7.0 Amp Right Angle Drill

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The product used to be of American origin but has since recently been taken over by the Chinese. It features a design for maximum user convenience. As such, it is very easy to use and stands uniquely long-lasting. It brings a lot to the table, especially with the powerful 7-amp motor. Its use with up to 4 to 5/8 inch selfed bits sets it apart from others in the market. 

This product has a trigger speed control and is therefore adjustable to operate at the ideal speed as determined by the user. The head and handle swivel through 3600 making it exceptionally easy to handle. Drilling in tough spots has never been easier. 

This machine tool is part of the right-angled series, it is perfectly made suitably for joist and stud drilling, and it features a complete motor that makes it possible to completely handle a wide range of constructions in ease and time-saving. 

The range of applications as can be served by this tool goes from plumbing to electrical work. For when confided regions are concerned, this is your best option. It stands a solid option for your consideration, whether you are a plumber or an electrician. The perfect manifestation of amazing versatility, this product is lightweight and of the slim design. 

If need be, it is possible to have the head and handle swivel all round and are lockable in tight positions giving the user the ability to drill even in tough spaces. Although there is no clutch to protect you and the bit in case of binding, this is nothing a little care and attention cannot protect you. 


  • Smooth, easy & durable
  • Powerful motor to generate heavy torque
  • The 4-5/8"  of bits
  • Best for stud & joist drilling
  • Slim and a lightweight design 


  • No clutch available
  • Risky for unconscious operations 

8. DEWALT DW124 Right Angle Drill 

DEWALT DW124 11.5 Right Angle Drill

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This is a complete ball-bearing design, a feature that ensures the durability of this tool goes unquestioned. It will, therefore, serve for an extended period. In low gear, this tool has a mechanical slip clutch; an element meant to ensure the user has total control over the reactionary torque. It has an adjustable front handle with a 2-position side handle thus providing a total advantage as well as control. 

This Dewalt model of a right angle drill attachment is mechanically controlled with 2-speed to match the rotations per minute with the torque so that the both coincide with the work to be done. Moreover, the triple gear reduction provides an increased torque while at the same time reducing the gear stress. This is generally a 21-inch extension that ensures that the user has maximum control and user advantage. 

Representing an amazing, smooth cutting action, there is neither binding nor bogging down at all. In using this tool, it does not matter whether your site features wet wood, knotted wood, nail embedded wood, or anything for that matter. With this tool, you stand assured of drilling and coming up with clean holes with more strength and specificity. 

While there is a lot of power in this tool, it is heavier as compared to other right angle drill attachments existing in the market, an element that may make it a challenge to work with, particularly if you are used to the traditional weight. If you are looking to make the best upgrade in terms of power, versatility, and capability, this should be in your list of considerations. 


  • Powerful, versatile & heavier tool
  • Smooth to operate
  • A ball bearing construction; sturdy & durable
  • The clutch available to protect in low gears
  • Front and side handles ensure maximum control over the drill 


  • Comparatively heavy
  • No case covered 

Final Verdict 

When we researched online, we found the best right angle drill attachment and drills we dealt with here. We also found some drills work great, but lack torque, or can't work in the right places. We excluded them from our list. You'll find DEWALT DCD74OB high-end drill, and Makita drill is as an overall top pick. 

And for attachment, you can blindly go for DEWALT DWARA & Milwaukee 49-22-8510