Best Right Angle Drill Attachment: In 2020 [8 Top Picks]

Find the world's best right angle drill attachment on the market in one place. See our list of 3 drill attachment and 5 top right angle drills right here. 

Whether you are an expert professional or beginner power tools user at home and garage, our selection is perfect for everyone. If you are a homeowner, you can use one of them for any home improvement activities. As a professional contractor, this tool is a must to have at your garage. 

These handy tools can reach in tight spaces where most other standard tools fail. In our collections, you'll find drill attachment, corded, or cordless right-angle drills to fit your needs. 


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DEWALT Attachment

Weight: 7 ounces
Dimensions: 4.9" x 1.2" x 8.7"
Power: corded-electric
Voltage: 120 volts
Shipping Weight: 7 ounces

Milwaukee Drill Attachment

Weight: 1.05 pounds
Dimensions: 10" x 2" x 6"
Power: corded-electric
Voltage: 110 volts
Shipping Weight: 1.05 pounds

Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment

Weight: 1 pound
Dimensions: 5.2" x 1.9" x 10"
Shipping Weight: 1.95 pounds

Makita Right Angle Drill

Weight: 4.15 pounds
Dimensions: 10.6" x 2.4" x 3.1"
Power: corded-electric
Bulb: LED
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 4.15 pounds 

DEWALT Right Angle Drill, Cordless

Weight: 3.25 pounds
Dimensions: 4.5" x 12.4" x 2.4"
Voltage: 20 volts
Material: Steel

Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 3.3 pounds

Bosch PS11-102 Drill

Weight: 4.8 pounds
Dimensions: 12.5" x 9.8" x 4.2"
Voltage: 12 volts
Special Feature: variable-speed
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 4.95 pounds

Milwaukee 3107-6 Drill

Weight: 15.13 pounds
Dimensions: 12.3" x 23.1" x 5.5"
Special Feature: variable-speed
Battery: Lithium-Ion
Shipping Weight: 15.55 pounds

DEWALT DW124 Drill

Weight: 13.5 pounds
Dimensions: 6" x 12" x 27"
Power: corded-electric
Voltage: 120 volts
Special Feature: variable-speed
Shipping Weight: 14.8 pounds

8 Best Right Angle Drill Attachment Reviews

See our list of 8 best right angle drill attachment right here. 

1. DEWALT DWARA 100 Right Angle Attachment

DEWALT DWARA100 Attachment

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This is a metal in nature that is designed for the purpose of impacting drivers with a sure-set system-floating magnet secure fasteners. It has a true 900 head that makes drilling into tight spaces possible using a 1-inch bit tip. 

Popular for offering improved accessibility for confined spaces, this tool has an ergonomic ABS handle keeping it from heating up during work. It also achieves increased gear strength. Representing over 2000 life cycles, this accessory also helps lower slipping and wobbling. 

This right-angled attachment meant for DEWALT for impacting drivers makes it possible for people to get into tight places for easy tightening and driving. It comes along with a set of floating magnet that enables a secure fastener. It means therefore that the use of fingers to hold screws is no longer in the application. 

The DWARA 100 is made up of 5x lasting long life coupled with a magnet, its dimension from tip to back is up to an inch, which makes it possible to fit in the smallest of places. In using this tool, however, be sure that you are not using a standard cylindrical drill BITS. It works best with a hex shaft drill bits that are commonly accessible. 

The catch in using this accessory is that it has the unique ability to secure the fasteners for you. This gives you an easy drilling experience with no need to try holding the screws between your fingers, as they may be sweaty at this point. A globally recognized model, there is no limit to what you can achieve with this tool. 


  • An easy & comfortable drilling experience 
  • 90° head to reach tight spaces possible 

  • No slipping & wobbling
  • A secure magnetic fastener 


  • Little bit cumbersome 
  • You might find some issue with the magnetic system 

2. Milwaukee Drill Attachment 

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment Kit

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This is one of the most remarkable and easy to use the product, the Milwaukee is a long-lasting right angle drill attachment of Taiwan origin. It has a ¼” (right angle) hex drill and screwdriver attachment making it able to work with ¼-inch hex-shank bits. 

Its popularity attributes to the fact that when it comes to cordless (2.4 - 18 volts), this accessory tool produces ample torque and drills into 235-inches deep. Its durability is because it has a metal casing and attached gears of steel. At 2-inches wide, working in spots that are tight is made possible. Contractors can easily drive screws and drill holes in worksites that are tight, confined and difficult to access. 

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment makes it possible for contractors to be able to drive screws as well as drill holes into the tightest and difficult places one can think of. It is very perfect or cordless drills. This simple machine has all-metal housing as well as steel gears to handle construction with ease. 

Although it is small, the Milwaukee design is unique to do what the traditional drill or screwdriver cannot achieve. It, therefore, simplifies the work intended and stands as a cost-saver for when using a stubby screwdriver. A renowned brand name, the tool delivers a ¼-inch drill attachment appropriate for cordless drills. 

Having a quick-change magnetic chuck keeps it accommodative of the standard ¼-inch hex drive accessories. With it, therefore, you can expect that you have enough torque to drive screws or drill smaller holes. Additionally, its configuration stands unique to serve in reverse so you can just as easily remove screws as you initially drove them in. 


  • An easy and comfortable tool kit
  • Sturdy and durable; manufactured in Taiwan
  • Steel gears & metal housing
  • The 1/4-inch standard bits
  • Run in reverse mode also
  • Drills into tight spaces too 


  • Outer case housing may be faulty 

3. Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment 

Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment

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This tool features a full metal architecture, an attribute that prolongs its life. It can deliver a smooth drilling service for an extended period. It has 4 ball bearings making it a heavy-duty kind of tool. Featuring 3/8-inch metal keyless chuck, the Milescraft can easily work with most drill accessories available in the market particularly the ones with 3/8”. 

The best thing about this tool is that the handler has total creative control regardless of their chosen drilling angle. The handle’s design displays and influences a comfortable grip so the user leads the entire operation in style and comfortability. 

The Milescraft Drill90PRO Drill Attachment for you to convert your corded drill to a 90-degree drill. It, therefore, allows you to bore holes and drive screws in some extreme spaces, this simple machine feature an all-metal construction that makes it be durable, it has a four-ball bearing that assures of heavy-duty performance. 

The extension handle can just as easily be detached, giving the user the opportunity to chuck this to their drill when the workspace in question is extremely confined. The ability to chuck the tool in two distinct locations qualifies it as the best right angle drill attachment. 

With the only limitation being that this tool will not fit in a 1/4 –inch chuck, there is no limit to the extent you can go with it. The contractor enjoys an easy to control drilling experience while keeping the tool aligned. Its solid nature, coupled to the comfortability it offers, makes the entire drilling experience fun and result-oriented. 


  • Fully metal construction & durable
  • A smooth drilling experience
  • Rotate up to 360° angle to reach the desired position
  • Comfort gripping
  • 4-ball bearing for heavy-duty performance 


  • The only issue not supporting standard 1/4 –inch chuck 

4. Makita Right Angle Drill 

Makita Right Angle Drill 4.0 A

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This tool is popularly known to be a powerful tool working alongside equally powerful accessories. A Japanese origin, the Makita design, features an in-built LED. This provides a light and therefore an illumination to ensure that the contractor knows exactly what s/he is doing. 

Adding to the remarkable visibility achieved is the fact that it is custom-made to accommodate small workspaces. Its distinctiveness in a compact design, as well as the lightweight nature it manifests, makes it ideal for tight quarters work. The adjustable paddle switch features a dial stopper so the user can swiftly pre-set so that it drills in accordance with their intended speed. 

A selling point for this tool is the side grip handle that stands removable or installable depending on what level of advantage the handler wishes to achieve. This simple machine enables you to be able to deliver corded drilling strength into areas that ordinarily cannot be reached by fingers. 

It also does not have a load speed of 0-2, 400 rotations per minute. It also has a reverse feature making it possible to remove the screw. The possibility of doing this draws from the presence of the reverse button. 

There is, however a limitation in using this tool, which can also be considered as being a strength by certain people. This is the fact that the variable speed trigger proves to be excessively sensitive. Many users love Makita for its perfect size, compactness, and smoothness of operation but what is common to every other user is that this tool delivers very good service in meeting the objective. 


  • Lightweight & compact design
  • Comes with a built-in LED light
  • Variable speed controller & dial stopper
  • Soft side-gripped handle 
  • Japanese origin, a powerful tool 


  • Sensitive variable speed trigger 

5. DEWALT DCD74OB Right Angle Cordless Drill

DEWALT DCD740B Cordless Right Angle Drill

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This is an amazing right angle drill attachment displaying a dual speed of between the ranges of 0 to 650 or 0 to 2000 rotations per minute for maximum user flexibility. This makes it possible for this tool to serve in a wide array of services. 

It has a compact front to back length of up to 4 inches, an attribute that makes it possible for the handler to fit into places that may not be very easily reachable. A good property in this attachment tool is that it has a multi-grip trigger, which enhances the level of comfort achieved by the user. 

It is also user-friendly and completely convenient. The operator is, therefore, able to work in tighter spaces with the full ability to reach the trigger upon need. With a 3/8 inch ratcheting chuck, this tool also has a deep hex pocket that makes a 2-inch hex bit completely compatible in a bid to reach confined spaces. 

In choosing to buy this tool, however, you will be compelled to buy a battery and a charger separate from the tool. Although the robustness of this tool is questionable, in the hands of an experienced contractor, the target as pre-determined by the operator is strongly attainable. 

In the hands of a beginner, however, there is a considerable probability of burn out as this tool is not that strong. Its versatile uses are however beyond reproach. Not arguable, this Dewalt design is solid and smooth with good speed control. It will revolutionize your whole experience drilling. 


  • A variable dual speed rotation system
  • Compact to handle in hard to reach places
  • Multi-grip triggering system
  • Comfortable and convenience for users
  • Compatible 2" hex bits 


  • Extra-expense for battery & charger
  • Case sensitive in the hands of beginners 

6. Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle Drill 

Bosch PS11-102 Drill

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This tool will provide the best value for your money. It has a 12 volts motor that uniquely places it at a position where it can comfortably achieve up to 1300 rotations per minute. This factor, coupled with the 115 pounds maximum torque ensures that the operator can achieve so much in very little time. 

The five-position pivoting head gets through 900 to 1800, an achievement that makes this tool the most appropriate option for working in confined work spots. With a 3/8-inch auto-lock chuck, this tool offers rather easy bit replacements while at the same time ensuring that the tool can serve in multiple perspectives. 

The Bosch has an adjustable speed trigger giving the user the informed capacity to determine which the best speed is for him or her to regulate the tool to operate. With a keyless chuck design, the tool has a motor brake convenience provision for exact serial screw driving. Serving both as a power screwdriver and as a drill, this outstanding product is a pacesetter with significant contributions. 

Although it does not provide room for adjusting the torque, this tool stands well built, with an amazing amount of power and beats many others in the market. In the event that what you are looking for is a cordless screwdriver that is powerful, this is it. Even in the absence of a power adjustment clutch, it is still very reliable. 


  • The best value for the money
  • The variable speed trigger system
  • Keyless chuck design
  • The rotating head with 5-positioning
  • Applicable to different operations & in tight spaces 


  • Produces heavy torque, but no scope of adjustment 

7. Milwaukee 3107-6 Right Angle Drill 

Milwaukee 3107-6 7.0 Amp Right Angle Drill

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The product used to be of American origin but has since recently been taken over by the Chinese. It features a design for maximum user convenience. As such, it is very easy to use and stands uniquely long-lasting. It brings a lot to the table, especially with the powerful 7-amp motor. Its use with up to 4 to 5/8 inch selfed bits sets it apart from others in the market. 

This product has a trigger speed control and is therefore adjustable to operate at the ideal speed as determined by the user. The head and handle swivel through 3600 making it exceptionally easy to handle. Drilling in tough spots has never been easier. 

This machine tool is part of the right-angled series, it is perfectly made suitably for joist and stud drilling, and it features a complete motor that makes it possible to completely handle a wide range of constructions in ease and time-saving. 

The range of applications as can be served by this tool goes from plumbing to electrical work. For when confided regions are concerned, this is your best option. It stands a solid option for your consideration, whether you are a plumber or an electrician. The perfect manifestation of amazing versatility, this product is lightweight and of the slim design. 

If need be, it is possible to have the head and handle swivel all round and are lockable in tight positions giving the user the ability to drill even in tough spaces. Although there is no clutch to protect you and the bit in case of binding, this is nothing a little care and attention cannot protect you. 


  • Smooth, easy & durable
  • Powerful motor to generate heavy torque
  • The 4-5/8"  of bits
  • Best for stud & joist drilling
  • Slim and a lightweight design 


  • No clutch available
  • Risky for unconscious operations 

8. DEWALT DW124 Right Angle Drill 

DEWALT DW124 11.5 Right Angle Drill

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This is a complete ball-bearing design, a feature that ensures the durability of this tool goes unquestioned. It will, therefore, serve for an extended period. In low gear, this tool has a mechanical slip clutch; an element meant to ensure the user has total control over the reactionary torque. It has an adjustable front handle with a 2-position side handle thus providing a total advantage as well as control. 

This Dewalt model of a right angle drill attachment is mechanically controlled with 2-speed to match the rotations per minute with the torque so that the both coincide with the work to be done. Moreover, the triple gear reduction provides an increased torque while at the same time reducing the gear stress. This is generally a 21-inch extension that ensures that the user has maximum control and user advantage. 

Representing an amazing, smooth cutting action, there is neither binding nor bogging down at all. In using this tool, it does not matter whether your site features wet wood, knotted wood, nail embedded wood, or anything for that matter. With this tool, you stand assured of drilling and coming up with clean holes with more strength and specificity. 

While there is a lot of power in this tool, it is heavier as compared to other right angle drill attachments existing in the market, an element that may make it a challenge to work with, particularly if you are used to the traditional weight. If you are looking to make the best upgrade in terms of power, versatility, and capability, this should be in your list of considerations. 


  • Powerful, versatile & heavier tool
  • Smooth to operate
  • A ball bearing construction; sturdy & durable
  • The clutch available to protect in low gears
  • Front and side handles ensure maximum control over the drill 


  • Comparatively heavy
  • No case covered 

Final Verdict 

When we researched online, we found the best right angle drill attachment and drills we dealt with here. We also found some drills work great, but lack torque, or can't work in the right places. We excluded them from our list. You'll find DEWALT DCD74OB high-end drill, and Makita drill is as an overall top pick. 

And for attachment, you can blindly go for DEWALT DWARA & Milwaukee 49-22-8510

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