Best Lightweight Drill For A Woman: In 2020 [7 Top Picks]

In this article, we're going to review the best lightweight drill for a woman. 

Life is so hard when I work at home or out of the home if nothing comes for my assistance. And as a woman, it becomes harder working barehanded. When it comes to drilling, cordless or corded, high torque drills are also panic for me. Operating heavy-torque drills is a laborious job. So, it's better to go with a lightweight drill so far. 

And that's why our intention ends with some lightweight drills review here. 

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WORKPRO Pink Drill Set

Weight: 4.08 Pounds
Dimensions: 12.2" x 7.5" x 4.5"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.35 Pounds


Weight: 4.1 Pounds
Dimensions: 8.9" x 4" x 7.8"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.1 Pounds

DEWALT 20V Cordless Drill

Weight: 3.64 Pounds
Dimensions: 13.9" x 9.9" x 4.2"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 5.89 Pounds

Apollo DT0773N1 Drill, Pink

Weight: 6.65 Pounds
Dimensions: 10" x 14" x 3"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 6.65 Pounds

Milwaukee 2801-20 bare tool

Weight: 2.5 Pounds
Dimensions: 8.6" x 8.3" x 4.6"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 3.26 Pounds

Bosch Power Drill - PS31-2A

Weight: 4.73 Pounds
Dimensions: 12.8" x 9.8" x 3.9"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.85 Pounds

Nordstrand Pink Drill Set

Weight: 4.2 Pounds
Dimensions: 12.8" x 10.6" x 4.2"
Power: Battery
Shipping Weight: 4.2 Pounds

7 Best Lightweight Drill For A Woman

See our list of 7 best lightweight drill for a woman

1. WORKPRO Pink - Best Lightweight Drill for a Woman

Best lightweight drill for a woman

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Feel more productive and bring out the femininity in you by using WORKPRO Pink cordless drill. This is the perfect handy tool for drilling metal, plastic, and wood.

The drill can operate for a longer period due to its strong and steady 1.5 AH Lithium-ion battery with 20 volts. You can easily remove the battery and charge it. 

You can adjust the speed to high or low from the two-speed gears located at the top of the tool. The low-speed rate is at 0-400 RPM while high speed is at 0-1500. The merit of these gears is to allow the user to control the speed depending on the type of project they are working on. 

The drill also features a LED light that gives a clearer view in dark areas. There is also an ON/OFF switch for easier operation. 

What makes this tool super-efficient is the torque adjustment chunk featuring 21+1 positions. To avoid fatigue during use, the drill has a soft-grip handle. This also gives you maximum comfort and a tight grasp during use. Additionally, you can retain your bits in position with the 3/8 inches keyless chuck. 

The kit is inclusive of everything in the 11” tool bag that will help you in your work. This bag is made of polyester fabric with a tasty color made specifically for ladies. 

If you are searching for a drill that truly defines you as a woman or a girl, then this WORKPRO Pink Drill is the right choice. Create or repair anything at ease with this kit. 


  • 20 volts lithium-ion battery
  • Allows more control over the tool
  • LED light and ON/OFF switch
  • The Polyester tool bag
  • Quick charging facility 


  • Not recommended for heavy jobs
  • You might miss replacement battery 

2. BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Lightweight Drill/Driver


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Since when Black and Decker began, they have earned lots of trust from many professionals and DIYers. Just like from its name, you can guess that this tool comes with multiple accessories including screwdriver and drill bits. This means that you can work on a variety of jobs at ease with this cordless drill.

It comes with a lithium-ion battery with 20 volts that can hold a charge for almost 18 months. It also delivers a maximum torque enough to go through plastic, wood, and even metal. Thanks to the 24-position clutch, the user can apply the correct torque accurately, hence, avoiding stripping your screws.

The handle is soft to provide maximum comfort and a perfect grip. Moreover, another benefit is that it can operate with the speeds of 650 RPM, which makes it ideal for multiple jobs. The chuck size is 3/8 inches, which simplify bit replacements.

One setback about this brand is that it does not include a drill bag. Although this should not be a problem as it can fit in your toolbox due to its small size.

The BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Cordless Drill/Driver is ideal for starters. It has a smaller body size and low weight, thus best for various applications in and outside the house. Those women who want a handy tool for fixing furniture or any DIY projects, then we suggest you go for this.


  • Lightweight
  • Multiple accessory kits
  • Cordless drill includes a battery
  • 24-position clutch for accuracy
  • The soft-grip handle for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for multi-purpose drilling options 


  • No drill bag included
  • Not for tough jobs 

3. DEWALT DCD771C2 Cordless Drill/Driver

DEWALT DCD771C2 Drill for woman

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Meet a cordless power tool that is lightweight and can fit almost everywhere including tight areas. DEWALT DCD771C2 Cordless Drill is a lithium-ion battery-powered drill for putting things together hassle-free.

It comes with two sets of speeds for a higher speed transmission, which is between 0-450 for low speed and 0-1500 rpm for a higher speed. The0-450rpm is ideal for slow detailed jobs while the other one is good for tasks that need a lot of pressure.

One competitive advantage of this handy tool is the high-quality motor capable of producing power of up to 300 unit watts. This assures that you can finish your project without running out of power.

You do not have to worry about fatigue or achy hands since this brand includes an ergonomic handle for incredible control and comfort. Furthermore, there is a ½ inches single sleeve chuck to fit the bits tightly.

The batteries are two and are easy to remove and charge. They operate with 20 volts, thus lasting for a longer period, which limits the chances of recharging it several times in a day. Besides, it takes about an hour or two to have the battery fully charged.

One con that might be a turn off to some users is the plastic chuck.

Otherwise, this cordless DEWALT drill is efficient and comfortable to use. The high-performance motor, light size, twin batteries, and ergonomic handles are why we recommend this.


  • Powerful motor
  • Handy drill even for tight space
  • Two-speed sets
  • Ergonomic handle for better control
  • Includes Dewalt tool bag 


  • Battery life is short and pricey
  • Cheap chuck system
  • Not compatible with hardwood 

4. Apollo Tools DT0773N1 Household Drill Kit

Apollo DT0773N1 Household Tool Kit

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While you might see this color for ladies, this toolset serves another special purpose to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This Apollo set is just the right choice for your home repair projects.

The screwdriver in this set is cordless with a rechargeable 4.8V battery. It takes about 4 to 5 hours for the battery to be fully charged. This drill can easily loosen and tighten screws quickly due to its forward and backward mechanism.

Additionally, there are 20 bits included with this screwdriver. You can remove and put in another bit in seconds.

The product has a Chrome plating finish for durable and anti-rust benefits. It also has an easy-grip design to provide the highest comfort to the user.

Though it is a set with several apparatus, the drill comes with its manual. You can check out proper charging details, fitting bits, and safety measures among other info.

The drill fits in its compartment in the tool bag, which is inclusive of other DIY or household tools. So you not only benefit from the screwdriver, but you also get a whole bunch of useful products for most projects.

Whether you want to hang a picture on the wall or fix your garden, the Apollo tools kit is the right solution for your household repairs. It will make a perfect gift for any lady who likes to fasten screws and do things for herself in her home.


  • Lightweight drill
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • The forward and backward drilling option
  • Permits quick removal
  • Chrome plating finish
  • Toolbag included 


  • Ideal for working on too light jobs only
  • It takes a long time to get fully charged 

5. Milwaukee 2801-20 M18 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver

Milwaukee 2801-20 Cordless Drill

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Milwaukee is reputable for its high-quality power tools. This Milwaukee drill has a compact size that provides proper grip and control.  

The screwdriver is inclusive of REDLINKTM batteries and electronics plus a built brushless motor that results in longer battery life. Thus, it runs two times than normal brushed motors, which also means fewer charging trips.

It has a REDLINK intelligence that monitors the drills temperature to avoid battery and tool damage. This intelligence also protects the tool from abusive operations.

Another advantage is that it can fit tight spaces due to its compact size, which is also a reason for outstanding control. The tool also comes with two-speed rates of 0-450 and 0-1800 RPM. The first option is for steady and projects that require accuracy. The second is for difficult tasks or those that require lots of effort.

The gear case and the chuck are of metal, which can withstand corrosion thus increasing the drill’s durability. Also, it operates with 500 in-lbs torque.

We suggest this Milwaukee Compact Driver due to its compact design that provides excellent control. Its battery is also another good reason since you can operate the tool for an extended period with a few trips to charge.


  • The compact and perfect drill
  • Durable and allows enhanced control over it
  • REDLINKtm battery 
  • Brushless motor with a powerful impact
  • Corrosion-free metal chuck 


  • Stops working on heavy jobs
  • At heavy pressure gets overheated 

6. Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill Set

Bosch Drill - PS31-2A with Soft Carrying Bag

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The Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill Set is one of the light compact-sized models in the market. It is the ideal power tool for women who wish to deal with dark and tight areas.

You can engage your operations with precise and maximum comfort due to not only the small size but also the soft grip. Besides, it boasts two-speed levels of 0-350 and the top rate of 1300 RPM and a 265 in-lb torque power. Regulate the speed from the button below the fuel gauge.

The PS31-2A also includes 20+1 clutch settings for the user to make accurate adjustments during drilling. To enhance its durability, the driver has a Durashield construction, which can withstand drops of certain heights.

In terms of battery life, the set includes two 12V lithium-ion batteries, which are easy to change.  The short-head size enables the tool to reach into tight sizes. Furthermore, the LED light included lights up darker areas that you might be working on.

However, one disadvantage is the plastic chuck. But other than that, reach those hard-to-get areas with this Bosch PS31-2A drill. We advise this driver if you want one that operates continuously without stopping, has an LED light and is comfortable to use.


  • Light and compact model
  • A speed regulator
  • Durable
  • Lithium-ion battery for maximum lifetime
  • LED light 


  • A bit pricey compared to similar product
  • Plastic chuck

7. Nordstrand Pink Cordless Drill Set for a Women

Nordstrand Cordless Drill

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This is a modern and small-sized drill specially made for women to simplify their home use. They can use it in a variety of materials be it drilling wood or driving a screw-in metal.

The drill is inclusive of the most commonly used drill and screw bits. At the same time, it has a 12V lithium-ion battery that takes only a few hours to charge. The charge life can last over 30 minutes.

You can adjust the power or speed using the 18 torque settings to fit your conditions. Moreover, there is a front light to light up low-light areas. Once you are set to go to or have finished your work, put the drill in its carry case.

The battery does not last for long but this makes a good gift for a beginner or a DIY woman to be precise. It has a slim chassis suitable for women with smaller hands and also for easier grip

We recommend this Nordstrand pink drill for the simplest home use, whether you want to fix or build furniture or repair a doorknob. It is also super light and its color makes it easy to point out among other tools especially if you lend it to someone.


  • Small and compact size drill
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Nice slim design
  • Easy and comfort grip 


  • Perform better with simple jobs only
  • Lithium-ion battery but lasts for not long time 

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