Best Impact Driver: In 2020 [10 Top Picks]

What your DIY journey needs to get it successful is to get a real workhorse. The best impact driver might be the probable handy tool to accomplish your jobs at hand. 

As you'll go on with your DIY projects, you'll be learning curving woods, drilling holes, and many more. On the way, you might meet some circumstances when the only drill can't perform what you exactly want. An impact driver will be an appropriate alternative then. 

But the question is where to get the quality impact driver? Tons of products available online, and picking one is not an easy task if you are inexperienced. Going through a few complex testing and researching steps, we concluded listing the following impact drivers together. Hopefully, this list will meet your needs. 


Product Details


Bottom Line

Product Name

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Top impact driver DEWALT DC825B

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Dimensions: 5.8" x 6.7" x 4.1"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 2.35 pounds

The best Ryobi P238 impact driver

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Dimensions: 7.8" x 6.3" x 3.3"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 3.14 pounds

Milwaukee 2462-20 Impact Driver

Weight: 1.37 pounds

Dimensions: 7"x 1.8"x 6.5"

Power: Cordless

Shipping Weight: 2.25 pounds

PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB Impact Driver Kit

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Dimensions: 11.4" x 3.7" x 9.5"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

DEWALT DCF887B XR Impact Driver Kit

Weight: 2.0 pounds

Dimensions: 8" x 3" x 5.9"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 2.38 pounds

Black+Decker Impact Driver

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Dimensions: 7.9" x 3" x 9"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds

Milwaukee Impact Driver Kit

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Dimensions: 3.5" x 8.2"x 5.8"

Power: Cordless

Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds

Craftsman C3 Impact Driver Model 5727.1

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 4"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 6.9 pounds

Bosch Impact Driver

Weight: 4.3 ounces

Dimensions: 10.6"x 10"x 3.5"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 2.98 pounds

Makita Impact Driver

Weight: 4.0 pounds

Dimensions: 5.8" x 6.7" x 4.1"

Power: Battery

Shipping Weight: 12.19 pounds

10 Best Impact Driver Reviews 

See our list of the best impact driver right here. 

1. DEWALT DC825B 1/4 inch Cordless Impact Driver

The best impact driver reviews

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It is Dewalt’s 18V cordless impact driver made for medium to heavy use for making repairs around the house to installing electrical boxes in the basement or installing bolts in concrete. It is a well balanced compact model, so it weighs less and will fit easier into confined spaces. It has a textured comfort grip, designed not to slip in your hand. 

It’s made out of high-quality materials, as are all of the Dewalt products. Its magnesium gear case and all metal-transmission is an example of the high-quality materials Dewalt uses. Many of the brand name power tool manufacturers have chosen to use plastic to protect these essential components. 

It’s being sold “bare” meaning without the battery or the charger. That’s OK if you already own other Dewalt tools with 18V batteries. If not, you will need to purchase the 18V battery and charger separately. It would be a shame to get home with this high-quality tool ready to work and not have a battery! 

This impact driver comes with a frameless brush motor, which improves product durability and extends the life of the tool. It is a high powered motor, which means it comes ready to tackle a broad range of applications and packs the right amount of power to do so. It delivers 1,330 inch-pounds of torque to get your attention and prove it has the power you need for your applications. It is an ideal tool for driving or removing fasteners from concrete, wood, plastic, or metal. 

It’s also very fast, with variable speed control from 0 – 2,400 rpm, and 0 – 2,700 rpm to get your job done quickly and accurately. 

You can trust Dewalt to provide the tool you need, ergonomically designed, mechanically superior, safe, and easy to operate to handle all of your needs. 

Verdict: If you could only buy one power tool, this would be the tool to buy. It can do just about anything, from drilling a hole in the wood to screwing anchor bolts in concrete. This tool will serve you well for years to come. 


  • Best for working in tight space 
  • Soft & comfort gripping 
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Frameless brush motor
  • Variable speed control
  • Ergonomic design & superior technology 


  • No battery, no charger in the box
  •  Expensive battery/charger 

2. Ryobi P238 Cordless Impact Driver

Ryobi P238 - best value for the money

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This one is the Ryobi P238 1/4 inch 18V One+ Brushless cordless impact driver. Made for your higher than average tasks, the Ryobi can turn some heads with its robust looks and rugged design. It’s already a proven performer with many satisfied customers standing behind it. 

It has a brushless motor that supports 2,000 inches pounds of torque at speeds up to 3,100 RPMs. It has three convenient speed settings which can be adjusted to allow you to work with varying degrees of speed. 

While it’s shoving out a huge amount of torque, your Ryobi P238 is easy to handle with a GRIPZONE over mold, which allows the user to maintain a firm grip even in slippery conditions. The grip is also a perfect size to accommodate a man-size hand (slightly larger than previous models). 

You’ll find a 3-beam LED light around the keyless clutch, activated by the trigger control, which aims a powerful light to illuminate your work zone. The lighting system prevents shadows to allow your focus to remain on the task at hand. The light stays on for 10 seconds after you release the trigger (another handy feature different from previous models). 

Although this unit is sold “bare,” without batteries or charger, it is compatible with all other Ryobi 18V batteries being sold. This tool includes the P100 through P105, as well as the P107 and P108. You should make sure you have one of Ryobi’s 18V batteries if you plan to buy this tool or buy the battery and charger with the tool. 

Ryobi has a winner with this model P238. If you have some heavy-duty tasks to accomplish, this big boy can handle it. It can drive through wood, metal, plastic, or concrete with ease. If you’re planning to build a deck or a concrete bunker, your Ryobi P238 can get the job done. 

Verdict: We can’t find a single reason not to recommend the Ryobi P238 cordless impact driver. We do recommend this Ryobi impact driver. 


  • Rubber molded hand grip
  • Variable & convenient speed setting
  • Easy gripzone handling with strong gripping
  • A 3-beam LED light 


  • Quite heavy compared to the similar product 
  • A bit noisy 

3. Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Cordless Impact Driver – Battery Not Included

Milwaukee 2462-20 M12 Impact Driver

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The Milwaukee 1/4 inch 12V Cordless Impact Driver is a compact model for larger household projects up to medium industrial or contractor work. The 12V battery (which is not included) does not have the power or the charge you get with an 18V battery. However, you might be surprised at the amount of power it can deliver. For example, it would be capable of driving 4” screws through two x four’s or plywood to board up your house, if necessary. 

The variable speed, high performing brushless motor is capable of operating at 2,500 RPMs and producing 1,000 inch-pounds of torque. Not bad, for its size, it comes close to the Milwaukee 18V at 2,800 RPMs and 1,500 inch-pounds of torque. 

There are some nice features like the 4 LED lights, which will tell you how much battery you have left in increments of 25%. It also has a powerful LED light, controlled by the trigger, which shines directly on your work zone. It has a forward/reverse directional operation so you can reverse a bolt out if necessary. The rubber-molded grip is another nice feature. It also has a keyless chuck, which makes it easy to change bits. 

The 12V battery required for this Milwaukee tool is compatible with other Milwaukee 12V power tools. So batteries can be interchanged. 

Milwaukee Tools use RED LITHIUM technology. It is an internal electronic technology that allows cross-communication between the battery and the motor, which prevents the motor from overheating by powering itself down. If you’ve ever owned a power tool that fried itself by overheating, you will appreciate this feature. 

Verdict: Milwaukee produces pretty good power tools, and this little 12V cordless impact driver is no exception. The only problem we can find with this impact driver is the amount of power you are limited to with the 12V battery, which can be easily remedied with a backup battery. 


  • Variable speed brushless motor 
  • Light beam to offer luminescence in dark space 
  • Available battery power indicator 
  • Red Lithium-ion technology prevents overheating
  • Forward/reverse indicator 


  • Extra expense for buying battery separately
  • Limited amount of power from 12v battery 

4. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver

PORTER-CABLE Impact Driver Model PCCK647LB

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The Porter-Cable 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver kit includes two twenty volt batteries with 1.5 amp/hour cells and a charging unit. This one is a heavy-duty power tool, which you would expect to be used in construction or large fastening applications. Examples of common uses would be drywall screws, lag bolts, deck screws, self-tapping screws, and ledger lock screws. This power tool is built for hard work. 

It has a brushless motor capable of delivering 50% more runtime than a brushed motor in the previous model. The brushless motor also adds to the lifetime of the tool. It brings 2,700 MAX RPMs and 1,400-inches pounds of max torque to the job site. This machine is packed with power, might be even a little too much. You’ll need to be careful with the variable speed, or your screws will go too deep, or it will strip the heads off. You’ll also find a forward/reverse button, which will allow easy removal of screws, nuts, bolts, etc. 

It is an ergonomic design and is 14% shorter than the previous model. Its convenient compact size makes it easier to use in smaller or confined spaces. It also features a 1/4 inch hex keyless chuck, which is easy to operate and allows for one-handed changes. 

Another useful feature is the LED work light, which illuminates the space where you are working. It is activated when you pull the trigger to activate the impact driver and goes off when it is released.  It also has a battery meter located on the tool itself, which will indicate the remaining charge in the battery. 

The Porter-Cable 20V lithium-ion batteries, which come with the impact driver are compatible with other Porter-Cable 20V MAX lithium-ion power tools. Covering the full charge of the battery takes about a full hour and a half. 

Verdict: It’s hard to control the power in this unit. It’s too bad it doesn’t have at least two-speed settings. 


  • Brushless motor; 50% more power than others 
  • Two 20v lithium-ion batteries 
  • Ergonomic compact design 
  • LED light bean offers luminescence in dark space
  • The forward/reverse button 


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs 
  • Uncontrolled speed may lead the screws to strip the heads off 

5. DEWALT DCF887B 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

DEWALT DCF887B Impact Driver

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This Dewalt 20V impact driver kit is sold as a bare tool, meaning tool only, no batteries included. The battery recommended is the Dewalt 20V Lithium-Ion battery. All Dewalt 20V batteries are interchangeable. 

It has a brushless motor, which operates approximately 30% more efficiently than a motor with brushes. This high-efficiency motor delivers 3,200 RPMs. It has three controllable manual speed switch settings. Speed control setting 1 can be used for precision control. Load-speed for setting 1: 0 - 1,000 RPMs; setting 2: 0 - 2,800 RPMs; and setting 3: 0 - 3,250 RPMs. It is a variable speed driver, controlled by pressure placed on the trigger. A variable speed trigger and three speeds to choose from gives the user maximum control over its operation. 

This Dewalt impact driver is loaded up with features for enhanced performance. It has three powerful LED lights surrounding the clutch, which are aimed at your work zone. The lights activate when you pull the trigger to operate the driver. There will be a 20-second delay before they go out after you release the trigger. This light system can be very effective in dimly lit areas. It also has an LED display on the driver, which shows how much life your battery has left. 

This Dewalt driver is very well balanced and is surprisingly compact, which allows it to be used in confined spaces. It also has a convenient forward/reverse switch for quick and easy removal of fasteners. Bit changes can be done with one hand with the easy-grip clutch. It only weighs 3.7 lbs with a 20v battery attached. 

The performance of this Dewalt impact driver is wonderful. It cuts through wood like butter! Dewalt consistently produces good quality tools, designed to stand out from the rest of the pack. This impact driver is a good example of Dewalt’s quality craftsmanship. 

Verdict: This Dewalt impact driver is a winner. Just make sure you have a battery/charger at home! 


  • Compact and lightweight Brush
  • Variable speed control
  • Allows maximum control
  • The 3 LED lights
  • Quick and easy fastener remover
  • An easy-grip clutch 


  • No battery; and requires extra expense to buy 

6. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit

Black+Decker Impact Driver

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The kit comes with the Black and Decker 20V1/4” hex cordless impact driver, a 20V MAX lithium-ion battery, a charger, and a screwdriver bit. It has a 1.5 Amp brush motor. The battery takes 4-1/2 hours to charge using the charger that comes with it. According to specs, it delivers 1,375 inches pounds of max torque. 

The Black and Decker impact driver does not perform as the specifications say it should. The battery will begin to fade when it encounters a heavy load. This drill/driver is better suited for small household jobs, possibly as a hobbyist’s tool, or medium to light work. It is not capable of holding up to heavy-duty work for extended periods of time. 

It’s a variable speed driver, which allows better control of the speed using the trigger. RPM’s: 0 - 3,000, BPM: 39,000. It has a forward and reversing switch. The reverse can be used for easy removal of fasteners. 

It is a compact and lightweight tool, which makes it an ideal choice for working in small or confined spaces. 

It does have a quick release chuck, making it easy to change drill bits, even one-handed. 

Another nice feature is the small LED light above the trigger to light your work zone, which is helpful while working in dimly lit areas. The light goes off when you release the trigger. It also has a magnet tray on top, which is convenient for holding extra bits/screws when you work. 

It has a black molded and textured rubber grip, making it easier to hold onto, even when slippery or wet. 

Verdict: Unfortunately, the Black and Decker 20V cordless impact driver doesn’t have enough power to play with the big boys. Our recommendation: if you’re looking for a powerful impact driver to take to the job site, leave this little fella at home. 


  • Battery included
  • Comes with forwarding/reversing switch
  • A compact/lightweight drill
  • The quick-release chuck
  • LED light
  • The magnet tray
  • The rubber grip 


  • Battery fades at heavy load
  • Not fit with heavy-duty work 

7. Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee Impact Driver

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The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Model 2753-20 is bare - no batteries included. It is compatible with all Milwaukee Fuel 20V batteries. 

This impact driver has got an impressive list of features and specifications. It’s taken all the best features and loaded them into one tool to create the best impact driver possible. This model has a high-performance POWERSTATE brushless motor, which operates with 30% more efficiency, combined with four modes of operation, to create the most powerful tool in its class. 

The four-modes speed control offers maximum control and versatility. The added efficiency of the brushless motor provides 1800 inches pounds of torque, 0 – 3000 RPMs, and 0 – 3,700 impacts per minute. Very impressive, but can the performance match the specs? Yes, it can. We watched in awe as it was put through its paces. 

Having control with four separate speed functions was impressive. The fourth setting, for self-tapping screws, do it all, stating out with slow precision speed for just a second and finishing with impact, to prevent stripping the screw. That is a great feature. You don’t have to use the variable speed to control the speed because it’s automatic. 

The four modes of operation are operated with an electronic selection panel on the base of the tool. 

The advanced REDLINK PLUS technology Milwaukee uses on their power tools protect your motor from damage due to overheating or overloading, making it impossible to burn out a motor. The technology allows the battery to communicate with the tool. It also keeps the unit from becoming too hot to touch. 

The Milwaukee Fuel impact driver is compact and lightweight so you can use it anywhere. It has an LED light, which operates with the trigger to light up your work zone. It also has a magnetic tray to hold spare bits or screws. 

Verdict: Can we recommend this impact driver? Absolutely! 


  • Fit with all Milwaukee 20v batteries
  • The 4 modes of speed control
  • Automatic; no need variable control
  • The redlink plus technology
  • The LED light
  • The magnetic tray 


  • No batteries attached 

8. Craftsman Impact Driver

Craftman Impact Driver

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This Craftsman 19.2 Volt 1/4” hex cordless impact driver is sold as a bare tool - no batteries or charger included. 

The motor on this Craftsman is a brush motor, which offers 280 UWO of power. It has a two-speed gearbox and is capable of speeds up to 1,500 RPMs,1,460 inches pounds of torque, and 3,500 RPMs giving it the power it needs to drive lag bolts and long screws. It works with Craftsman 19.2 Volt NiCad or Li-Ion batteries, which are compatible with Craftsman tools. 

The two-speed gearbox, along with the variable speed, offers better speed and power control than the ones with a single speed. Being able to start slow to gain stability before powering through is usually ideal. It also has a quick release, so bits are easily changeable with one hand. 

It's a compact power tool and built small, so to be used in confined spaces. Its compact, ergonomic design makes it easy to work with reducing user fatigue. 

Built with die-cast aluminum, this tough guy is going to be around for a while. It’s made to be durable and able to take some hard knocks. Pretty good for drilling and fastening in wood, lag bolts, fastening screws, and large fasteners. As it effortlessly powers through most plastic, wood, or even some metals, you can expect this Craftsman cordless impact driver to handle your tough jobs. 

It has some other nice features besides its reliability. The ergonomic handle is designed to absorb some of the impact reducing the stress caused by using the impact driver for extended periods of time. It has a light, which turns on and off with the trigger control, which shines directly on your work zone for better visibility in dimly lit areas. It also has a clip to secure an extra drill bit on the base. 

We’ve heard from multiple users that the Craftsman drill bits come with it are not good quality. 

Verdict: Not the top of the line, but it gets the job done. Recommended for light to medium workload. 


  • DIE-cast aluminum construction
  • Brush motor
  • Works with NiCad or Li-Ion batteries
  • The two-speed gearbox
  • Quick-release setting
  • The ergonomic handle for stress reduce 


  • Issues found with drill bits  
  • A bare tool; no battery or charger available 

9. Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B Hex Cordless Impact Driver

Bosch Impact Driver

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Let’s start with the motor. It has the best runtime in its class. It’s made with all metal-gears and offers 1,500 inches pounds of screw-driving torque. It is outfitted with accessible brushes, which can be replaced by the user. Brush motors are great, however, the brushes tend to wear out sooner than the tool. Bosch has found a way to present the best of both worlds by engineering a motor with easily replaceable brushes, extending the life of the tool. This Bosch impact driver is a heavy-duty tool for high volume, heavy-weight work, recognized by contractors as the top of the line. 

Bosch has also enhanced and extended the life of their tools by integrating a higher technology with its Electronic Cell Protection system. This technology protects the tool from overloading or overheating, extending the life of the tool as well as run-time. 

Those two features alone set this Bosch 18V impact driver apart from the rest with their enhanced technology, and engineering but they’ve also added ergonomics to the design. They’ve given it a soft grip and slimmed it down a little, so your hand has a better grip for better control. The tool is well balanced and compact. So you can easily maneuver it into hard to reach places. And that’s not all - it has a spring-loaded mechanism to soften the driver impact effect, reducing user fatigue. They’ve obviously thought this out with all these improvements to make the Bosch the power tool of choice for professionals who spend a lot of time on the job site. 

It has an LED light, which lights up your work zone in dimly lit areas. It has a quick change chuck, so you can easily change bits with one hand. 

We noticed that the trigger, on the Bosch, offers precision control with its variable speed. You shouldn’t just pull the trigger with full force and go. Start slow until your bit bites, speed up for the fast finish, and once the screw is in, release the trigger, so you don’t strip the screw. 

With its compact design, 25% shorter than the competition, and upgraded technology, along with the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) system, ergonomic and efficiency enhancements, the Bosch 18V 1/4” impact driver has surpassed all expectations. Lightweight, compact, high torque, powerful, high precision, unsurpassed control, this is a must-have tool for those who want to own the best. 

Verdict: Bosch has earned its reputation for superior products. That is a professional-grade tool, designed for hard work and increased productivity, on and off the job site. 


  • A heavy-duty tool for extended life
  • Fit with heavy-weight jobs
  • The Electronic Cell Protection system
  • Soft grip for better control
  • The LED light
  • Lightweight, compact & powerful
  • The precision control trigger 


  • No mentionable problem is found if you consider its price
  • Highly professional-grade tool; not for beginners 

10. Makita 18V Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

Makita Impact Driver

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Makita has entered a class of its own with this 1/4” 18V lithium-ion brushless cordless impact driver. Since the motor is brushless, it automatically increases the lifetime and productivity of the tool by as much as 35%. In addition to that feature, it has four modes of operation, offered only on the best impact drivers. This increased control offers high performance and versatility on a wide range of applications. In other words, it is exactly the tool you need to get the job done right. 

It has a “Quick-Shift” mode, which electronically detects the best balance of torque and speed for any application, meaning you don’t even have to think about it - the tool figures it out for you. It will also prevent damage to the workpiece. There is also an “assist mode” that holds the motor at a slow speed for the first couple of seconds until the screw bites and starts to tighten up. It will eliminate cross threading and stripping. In addition to the quick-shift mode and the “assist” mode, there are two additional tightening modes, which allow you to make fast work of self-drilling screws. 

It has Forward/Reverse directional controls, which can be used to remove screws, especially older stubborn screws. A new feature, auto stop, automatically stops rotation when the screw is loosened enough for removal by hand, so it doesn’t fall out on the floor. 

Two LED lights shine from either side of your work zone to light dimly lit work areas and prevent shadows. 

The Makita 18V cordless impact driver delivers 3,600 max RPMs and 1,600 inches pounds of torque. 

Its compact and ergonomic design allows easy maneuvering into confined spaces. These features, combined with the improved efficiency and performance offered by the four modes of operation, make this power tool hard to beat! 

Verdict: Makita knows how to design and engineer tools for high performance. This impact driver from Makita is not an exception too. It comes with so many handy features, so highly recommended! 


  • The “Quick-Shift” mode
  • Variable speed drive with four-speed control
  • Brushless motor with Lithium-Ion battery
  • The precise direction control feature
  • Forward/reverse control
  • Two LED lights
  • The compact size and ergonomic design 


  • A bare tool; means no battery attached
  • Little bit pricey 

Final Verdict 

So, we are now well aware of the quality of impact drivers, their features, and performance. We also know the pros and cons of each product. It's now crystal clear to you if even you are a newbie. 

If you still hasitate, we can step another footstep for the recommendation. In respect of performance, quality, and the torque produced, we found DEWALT DC825B is the real workhorse. But it'll cost you a bit high. 

Ryobi P238 One+ is an affordable but powerful tool. You can also go for any of the two Milwaukee products displayed here. They are a super performer in terms of quality and performance. 

For more versatile power tools, go here.

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